Where to find Ruffians in Destiny 2

Ruffians are a distinct kind of unit that you will meet during Destiny 2. They are only present within a certain part of the game and they relate to the season. You have to hunt down these creatures to earn the exclusive title, Scallywag. You’ll need to fight many of these enemies to be awarded the title. Here’s what you must be aware of about the places to find Ruffians on the map in Destiny 2.

How to find Ruffians in Destiny 2

The only way to discover Ruffians when playing Destiny 2 is if you decide to play the Expedition playlist. In this area, you’ll fight against a myriad of opponents as you search for close-by treasures that belong to the Pirate Lords you’ve been tracking for in this Season of Plunder. The Expedition task will involve you bringing treasure to your treasure-hunter in two distinct phases, and confront a huge monster at the close of the game. The Drifter will announce that there’s a huge Cabal seeking to escape from your treasures and the Ruffians will be sporting distinct black and white glow to their faces. This is a stark contrast to the normal opponents you’ll be fighting.

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The Ruffians show up when team members and players throw their treasures into the treasure-hunter in the initial two phases. However it seems that the Ruffians are only shown at a specific time. Each treasure chest in Expedition will give you the possibility of meeting at the very least one Ruffian after three minutes and there’s also a possibility of a second to appear within a short time however it’s not guaranteed. If you don’t get the second Ruffian come up after a decent length of time, we suggest proceeding to the next level.

The most challenging part about trying to find Ruffins in this stage is waiting for three minutes before they appear. We suggest running this game with your friends in order to make two Ruffians to appear in the course, particularly when you’re trying to gain access to your Scallywag game for Destiny 2.

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