Where to find Quigley’s Lantern Room in Weird West

Soon after starting the Weird West journey, players will realize that the title is Weird. The second chapter will give players the task to find your old quarters looking for clues’ in Quigley’s Lantern Room.

This is one of the most confusing tasks in the game. Weird West starts to embrace the strange through quests. This task can be frustrating and cause players to click around with reckless abandon.

Quigley’s has a room that is the main character’s former quarters. The ‘old quarters” are actually two rooms: a parlor, which is designated as the objective, but a bedchamber is located next to it. To avoid detection by the guards, carefully slip into the bedchamber and hide near the headboard.

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You’ll need to search for furniture in the rolling desk located next to the bed. It is called a cabinet. The quest item is found in this cabinet, which also contains a Golden Ace of Spades and a strange note. Grab both of them and go back the way you came.

It is the easiest way to escape if you throw someone over a balcony. You’ll suffer eight injuries for the fall. This can easily be mitigated with a short camp after you leave the scene. You could have found this note if you went in with your guns out.

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