Where To Farm Vex Kills from Destiny 2

The process to farm Vex kills in Destiny 2 is a surprisingly common requirement. There are many quests and challenges that require players to slaughter everyone’s favorite sentient machines. Having an effective Vex farm on hand is essential for every players in Destiny 2. players.

I’m going over two of the most effective Vex kill farms that are in Destiny 2. I’ll cover my preferred farm for standard Vex kills, and also my most-loved farm for powerful Vex kills. When you’ve got these two farms in your arsenal it is likely that you will be able make quick the task of any Vex kill-related job you’re confronted with.

The Best Vex Kills Farm in Destiny 2

If you’re in search of an effective Vex farm for Destiny 2 – jump down to the next section of this guide. If you’re just looking for some general Vex kills however whether in Divinity or another game it is recommended go to the Vex cave located in the Lunar Battleground.

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The Lunar Battleground is a difficult portion in the Moon to locate. It’s the place where the Shadowkeep campaign begins, but it’s not even as a part of the Destinations map.

Take a boat ride into Sorrow’s Harbor and hug the right-hand side of the region until you come to the Scarlet Keep bridge. Follow the bridge across and continue along the path until you arrive at the Lunar Battlegrounds. After you have left from the back of the Scarlet structure, make immediate left and then hug the cliff until you arrive at the cave. It is this cave where you begin your Divinity quest and in the Garden of Salvation raids, inside.

Once you’ve entered you’ll be able to see a massive Vex portal. This is where all enemies will be spawning. Therefore, go there and eliminate all Harpies while you’re there. Place yourself near the portal, and then be a maniac on every new wave of Vex that comes out.

The boss will eventually emerge with a handful of Harpies. You should eliminate the boss and quit the cave. However, you must go back towards your Sorrow’s Harbor load zone through the path you traveled to reach the Lunar Battleground. This shouldn’t take long however it can be a hassle. Retrace your steps back to where you came, then turn to the right direction when you notice that Sorrow’s Harbor text appears across your monitor.

Based on the level of efficiency you have in your farming depending on how efficient you are, you could complete an entire run through the cave in only a couple of minutes. There are times when enemies disappear from the map towards close to the conclusion of waves however, on average, I managed to score about 70 kills for each run.

Where can I Farm Powerful Vex in Destiny 2

The Orrery Lost Sector in Artifact’s Edge on Nessus is the most strong Vex farm in Destiny 2. In case you require an explanation, powerful Vex are all Vex enemies sporting an yellow health bar. There are a few of Vex within Vex Cave. Vex cave, certainly but not as many as those in the Orrery and the cave cannot be run as quickly as the Lost Sector can.

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There are five powerful yellow-bar Vex enemies within the Orrery Lost Sector. There’s the boss and four Nightmare Harpies made of yellow bar. When you first enter the Lost Sector, the boss is on an elevated platform with two of the Harpies. Bring the boss’s health down to one-third , and two additional Harpies will be born. Kill themand then the boss to get five massive Vex all in all.

Once you’ve done that then, all you need to do is exit this Lost Sector to load Artifact’s Edge again. When you’ve reached the loading zone, you are able to go back to the Orrery and do the same thing over again.

With the right loadout you will be able to completely ignore any ADs within this Lost Sector and focus strictly on the incredible Vex. I employed a shotgun as well as a Stasis to accomplish this. My strategy was to go through all the ADs and then throw an Duskfield Grenade at the two Harpies and the boss, and then smash both Harpies using my shotgun prior to firing at the boss. After the two Harpies appeared I focused them using the shotty, killed the boss and then left to go back into the Lost Sector without even getting the chest.

From the moment you start loading the Orrery until the time you start loading Artifact’s Edge I was able get continuous one-minute runs. This is five strong Vex per minute. That is quite impressive in the context of Destiny 2’s farming.

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If you’re in need of normal Vex kills, you can farm the Vex Cave within the Lunar Battleground. If you’re looking for strong Vex kills, you should check out you can find the Orrery located in The Artifact’s Edge on Nessus is what you’re seeking.

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