Where is Rethramis Border Mokoko Seeds Location in Lost Ark?

There is a detailed map showing all ten Mokoko Seed places for Rethramis Border in Lost Ark which you can use to find the entire collection.

Mokoko Seeds are green collectibles to be found on the ground throughout the various areas in the Lost Ark. You can collect Mokoko Seeds and get cash rewards with every fifty seeds they collect. Certain seeds are hidden or locked behind zones that require specific songs or abilities to unlock. There are around 888 Mokoko Seeds available in the game, meaning there’s plenty to keep your mind busy.

In this article we look at all of the Lost Ark Rethramis Border Mokoko Seeds places. Ten Mokoko seeds within the Rethramis Border, which are easily accessible if you are aware of where to find them. Look over the map and section below for easy reference to each of the Mokoko Seed places.

Lost Ark Rethramis Border

Rethramis Border can be described as the frontier between Rethramis and Yudia protected by the Border Guards. It is home to a monastic institution that has an extensive history. This zone is located just west of Luterra and is among the earliest game zones where you can be able to explore by doing quests and side stories. Below, you will find each available Mokoko Seed places listed in this region.

Every Mokoko Seed location within the Rethramis Border

The Mokoko has ten seeds within the Rethramis Border region. Three are located in southern regions, 4 are close to the middle Triport Three are in the region that lies to the west. You can view all of places on the map below:

How many Mokoko seeds are in the Rethramis Border?

Lost Ark Rethramis Border mokoko seeds

There are 10 total Mokoko Seeds that are available for collection at Rethramis Border. Three of them are accessible via a hidden passage towards the southwest within the Graveyard zone.

What is Rethramis Border?

Rethramis Border is a first-game zone located on the continent Rethramis situated to the west of Luterra. It’s an early game region that you’ll likely play through to finish quests, gather materials, kill monsters, or even visit the merchants who travel around.

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