Where is Elden Ring Twinblade Location

Here’s everything you should be aware of about where to locate the Twinblade in the Elden Ring, the double-bladed sword that can be a real punch.

A double-bladed sword is just one of those items that sound great in theory, however when you actually try it it could be a real pain to operate. It’s likely to be very heavy and would require an amount of practice to master it without cutting your fingers. In the real world this isn’t something you’d choose to utilize, but as it’s a fact that the Tarnished Elden Ring is a tarnished Elden Ring can’t really die so it’s more safe for someone to play with it. This is where you can find it. Twinblade within the Elden Ring.

About Twinblade

The Twinblade is exactly what it is the two-bladed sword. Twinblades can be found in a whole class of weapon in Elden Ring However, you can obtain your first Twinblade quite when you first start the game, if you are aware of where to search. The base Twinblade is a weapon with physical damage of 119, with Ds on the STR along with DEX scaling. It requires at least 18 STR and 10 DEX to be able to use it, however if you’re using a melee-focused system it shouldn’t pose difficult. It can be used one-handed however it’s most effective if you use two hands, and deliver multiple, fast slashes close proximity.

Where to Find the Twinblade in Elden Ring

The Twinblade is located in the Dragon-Burnt Ruins which lie within Agheel Lake. It’s the big lake to the east of when you start the game. It’s impossible to ignore it. The Flying Dragon Agheel’s field boss could be lurking here but you don’t have to confront him if you do not want to.

In the Dragon-Burnt Ruins are currently the home of a camp of undead Soldiers and their dogs, however you can make quick use of them using the Bell of Spirit summoning, and calling Your Lone Wolves.

After the mobs have been cleared out, it is necessary to locate a staircase that leads downwards to an underground. This part is vital It’s an upward staircase located that is located in the middle of the Undead Soldiers’ camp, however it’s the opposite of the one you’re searching for. The bottom of the step is a space filled with huge rats. It’s linked to another room, which has a booby trapped chest. If you decide to open the box, it will be taken into an area known as the Sellia Crystal Tunnel in the west, and you’ll be unable to speedily travel until you can escape the tunnel and go to an Site of Grace.

The staircase you’re searching for is hidden in the walls of a four-walled structure that has no entry point. The walls have been deteriorated which is why you’re able to make contact with Torrent and make use of Double Jump to jump over the walls. Follow the staircase to the bottom and you’ll come across a tiny room that has a chest inside, where you’ll find the Twinblade.

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