What is the Shrine of Secrets at Dead by Daylight?

Dead by Daylight offers a large in-game shop where players can purchase new cosmetics to their Killers and Survivors. You can also purchase DLC packs from this store. A section of the shop called the Shrine of Secrets gets reset each day. It offers four unique teachable perks for players who have the cash to purchase them. This guide will explain the Shrine of Secrets as well as outline which teachable perks are currently available.

Shrine of Secrets in Dead by Daylight

These are the teachable perks found in the Shrine of Secrets, June 28,:

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  • Balanced landing (1500 Iridescent Shards).: When you fall from a height, your stagger is decreased by 75%, and your volume of grunts is reduced to 100%. You then sprint at 150% for 3 seconds but are left exhausted for 60.
  • Bamboozle (1500 iridescent Shards).: KIller vault speed is 5% faster, and The Entity blocks any location you vault through during 8 seconds. One vault location can be affected at once. This does not apply for pallets.
  • Hex – Ruin (1500 Iridescent Shads) All generators instantly regress if they are not repaired by a survivor.
  • Wake up! (1500 Iridescent Shards). All exit gates within 128m are visible when all generators have been turned on. When you open a gate, your aura is visible to all other survivors within 128m. You can also unlock those gates 15% faster.

What teachable perks should I buy?

Today’s Shrine of Secrets has a lot to love, but we will only highlight two of them. First, Pop goes The Weasel is a fiendish perk which can prolong matches and help Killer sacrifice all Survivors through deception. Prove Thyself is a powerful perk that can be ignored by Survivors. It will be helpful for one Survivor to blast through generators quicker, but it will be extremely difficult for multiple Survivors to use it.

What is the Shrine of Secrets and how does it work?

The Shrine of Secrets, a section of Dead by Daylight’s store, offers four different teachables every day. These teachable perks can be purchased with Iridescent Shards. This currency is gained by playing matches in Dead by Daylight. Although the Shrine of Secrets is updated every week, it can be updated more often during special events like the 6th anniversary Twisted Masquerade.

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You can buy teachable perks from this site to unlock them in Bloodwebs. However, you will need to spend Bloodpoints in Bloodweb with Killers or Survivors to locate and use these teachable benefits.

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