What is Rune Arc in Elden Ring?

The core idea of Elden Ring is that after the titular artifact was destroyed, the fragments became Great Runes, which contain unimaginable and often uncontrollable power. You can use a portion of the Great Runes you have obtained by yourself. However, to do this you will need a Rune Arc. What is an Elden Ring Rune Arc?

What is an Elden Ring Rune Arc?

Rune Arcs can be purchased from merchants or taken from certain defeated enemies. You can use Rune Arcs on yourself to gain some minor stat buffs but nothing that is worth writing home about. These buffs will disappear when you die (not when). Rune Arcs are used to unleash the power of the Great Runes.

How to get Rune Arc in Elden Ring

You’ll receive their Great Runes if you defeat major demigod bosses in Elden Ring. To activate the Great Runes, you will need to locate their Divine Tower in order to activate them. After the Great Rune has been properly charged, you can visit a Site of Grace to equip them to your character. They won’t give you any benefits by themselves.

The Rune Arcs are here to help. A Rune Arc can be used to bestow buffs to your character once you have an activated Great Rune attached to your character. A Rune Arc and Godrick’s Great Rune will grant you a passive buff to your stats. These buffs will expire when you die but your Great Rune will still be available to you. You will just need to use another Rune Arch to access them again. You should keep in mind that Rune Arcs can be scarce so it is a good idea to wait until you are certain you will need them.

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