What is Knotwords? – A New Wordle-Like Scrabble Game

The popularity of word games is increasing as people seek the challenge of each day of putting words from the letters of a string. The popularity of these logic puzzles is due to the now-famous Wordle which has inspired a variety of similar games like Quordle Octordle, Quordle, and Heardle. A new word game is gaining popularity and it’s Knotwords.

The game was created on their own by Zach Gage and Jack Schlesinger, Knotwords is a game which is even recommended by the person who invented Wordle himself, Josh Wardle. It’s not identical to the Wordle versions available on the market.

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It doesn’t need to find a matching word using five letters. However, Knotwords more closely resembles the traditional crossword puzzle.

Each puzzle is comprised of anagrams which are arranged within one another like an acrosword puzzle. Each anagram is then put together to make words. But, the game is the crossword puzzle, and so every line you create must be words as well.

It’s a complex but elegant variation on the anagram game formula. And, just as Wordle it also offers daily challenges that players can take part in daily. However, a lot of the game’s features are behind a paywall, which means that unlike Wordle however, you’ll need pay for.

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It is possible to download Knotwords for free by making in-app purchases for iOS or Android or purchase the full edition that includes the game via Steam.

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