What is Gundam Evolution Leaver Penalty? How do you Fix Battle Ban?

The Gundam Evolution players are experiencing frustration because the game’s leaver penalties system is too harsh and strict, which has hampered the gameplay. We will be discussing all Gundam Evolution leaver penalty as well as how to fix the battle ban issue for fair play of the game.

Users are banned by a dialog box that says, “The match was over, and the penalty has been confirmed.” This means the player is temporarily barred from participating in battle matches for 24 hours. It sounds serious.

Let’s first examine the Gundam Evolution Leaver Penalty system. We’ll also examine the harshness of the penalty system, which players complain they are being temporarily banned for breaking the rules.

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What is Gundam Evolution Leaver Penalty System and how does it work?

The Leaver Penalty System, a new security system that temporarily bans players from leaving and allows them to rejoin the match, is now available. The feature flags suspicious activity during online multiplayer games because it is very strict.

Players can experience network problems and may be subject to a leaver penalty. This is why the developers implemented this system in the game. Without it, the game will not be able to maintain its player base.

A temporary ban notice will be issued to any player who is hit by the penalty system. The system will then ban players from participating in battle matches for 24 hours.

How to fix the Gundam Evolution Battle Ban

Do you receive multiple ban notifications for the game? Gundam Evolution players are experiencing the same problem. Here are some ways to resolve it.

Fix 1: Check if your internet connection is stable or not

First, make sure you don’t have slow internet speeds. The game developers claim that leaving a match due to network instability won’t result in a penalty against the player. However, players disagree. To avoid battle bans and leaver penalties, it is better to protect your network.

Fix 2: Check Game Minimum Requirements

It’s common knowledge that the server will immediately disconnect you after a game crash. Your game profile will also be taken offline. This causes the game to be disconnected and your game profile will become offline immediately.

Check the Gundam Evolution game’s system requirements to avoid crashes. Check that your computer meets at least the minimum requirements for the game.

  • Processor – Intel Core i5
  • RAM: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics : NVIDIA GeForce 1050
  • DirectX: Version 10.1

Fix 3: If Game Crashes, then Check Why Your Game Crashs and Fix It

A few gamers have reported being hit with the leaver penalty after their game crashed. These irregular crashes can be caused by insufficient resources, such as memory or graphics memory, overloading the hardware, network, and so on.

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A lack of plug-ins and software can cause the game to crash. You can find dialogue boxes after a crash to help you search for information.

Fix 4: Wait for the Developers to Fix the Server Problems

If the game crashes immediately, regardless of network instability or hardware overloading or other issues, it could be the problem with the game servers. If this happens, it’s best to wait for developers to resolve the issue.

The developers admitted that there were some issues with the network servers on September 23 and they stopped the game for a short time to fix them.

The developers suspect that the problem has resurfaced in the game. They are working to correct it. It is best to wait for the developers in order to fix the problem.


The developers claim that the issue will be resolved quickly as they will soon release game patch updates. It is important to remember that there is a strict penalty system that can cause such issues, even minor network problems or game crashes. If you play the game, ensure you have the best internet connectivity to limit game crashes.

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