What Happens if You Kill the Pope Turtle in Elden Ring

The Liurnia of the Lakes region of Elden Ring, specifically in the Church of Vows on the eastern cliffside of the region You’ll be able to experience the absolute satisfaction of getting to know Miriel the Pastor of the Church of Vows. When you meet him. He’s huge turtle sporting an adorable pope’s hat. Miriel is the absolute heart-warming sweetheart. He’s super sweet extremely helpful, extremely understanding, and an overall great person. I honestly don’t know why anyone would ever wish to cause injury on such a wonderful man, but if you really would like to do so, then you might murder him. The question is, what happens if you take out the pope turtle from Elden Ring?

What Happens if You Kill the Pope Turtle in Elden Ring?

In total honesty? Nothing. Nothing ever happens. There’s no sort of reward, and you don’t receive any permanent punishment or curse. Miriel doesn’t even get mad at you. There’s absolutely no reason to target Miriel other than just doing it to make sure you’re able to. He’s not even dying quickly it’s something you must put in an extended, focused effort at and that’s probably an indication that this is something you should not take on.

If you decide to take on Miriel and he doesn’t get angry, but the boss will warn you that his death will likely require a long time. This is true, since Miriel is as healthy than most bosses. If you don’t stop and he’ll tell you that he doesn’t care whether or not you murder him, and cease. If you do finally deliver him a death hit, you’ll hear him let off an extremely awe-inspiring scream prior to dying.

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The only thing Miriel drops are Turtle Neck Meats as well as an oversized Bell Bearing. You can utilize that Bell Bearing with the Twin Husks in Roundtable Hold to gain access to his store, however you’ll not be able to give any more magic books for him. Since you killed him. You monster. It’s not possible to revive him by the Celestial Dew in the Church of Vows. It only works for NPCs who are hostile towards you in the time of their death. Miriel continued to love you after the time came to die because he was that nice of a guy.

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