What are the max party sizes in Lost Ark? Answered

Max party sizes in Lost Ark: The raids of Lost Ark inspire players from various classes to come together and tackle the same challenges, with specific classes bringing their own strengths to the group, while recognizing any weaknesses they have in capabilities of their companions. While it’s true that there is the power of numbers, having too many players in one raid can reduce the effort needed to succeed. In the end, Smilegate put a limit on the maximum number of raid parties. If you’re wondering what number of your friends you are able to play with in a gathering This is the answer.

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Max size of the Lost Ark’s party

What are the max party sizes in Lost Ark

At most, four players can join a single raiding party. Parties can be put together manually by adding friends from the game to one party via the Friends menu or by assembling a group while waiting for a raid. If they are partying, the four players can share any class-specific abilities that are common to all parties like the Bard’s healing ability or the Paladin’s damage boosts.

Certain features in the final game of Lost Ark like Argos raid and Legion raid, for example. Argos raid and Legion raid allows two groups of up to four players to join together in the same game. However, the effects for all parties given to one group cannot be applied on the opposite. For example, a Bard’s healing can only be used to heal members of their own group and not heal injured players from the other, thus allowing each party to develop their capabilities. It is possible that in the future raids will allow for larger number of players, or even more groups of fourplayers, however for the moment, four is the maximum number.

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