What are the Best Sword in Elden Ring?

Here we have shared the list of best sword that are available in Elden Ring

It can be a little difficult to pick the “best” weapon in a game such as Elden Ring, because what you think is the most effective weapon is contingent on your character’s build and the style of play you prefer. Selecting the right sword, for example it’s a difficult task not just because of the reasons mentioned above however, there are at minimum nine distinct types of swords within the game, or ten when you include daggers. However, even though we cannot offer a comprehensive list however, we can provide several extremely powerful swords in a handful of main categories that are worthy of exploring and playing with. So, without additional discussion, what’s the most effective sword to use in Elden Ring?

What’s the Best Sword in Elden Ring?

Best Straight Sword in Elden Ring

Let’s begin with Straight Swords that are the basics that are even-weighted, fairly robust, and easily manipulated by one hand. When it comes to Straight Swords, our pick is the Sword of Night and Flame.

Damage Types: Phys 87, Magic 56, Fire 56, Critical 100
Scalings: STR E, DEX E, INT D, FAI D
Requirements: STR 12, DEX 12, INT 24, FAI 24

The Sword of Night and Flame is a combination of three damage types in one go and gains power through the power of your magical stats. It’s cool by its own right, but the truly interesting thing about it is its unique ability, the Night-and-Flame Stance. If you press the button for Night-and Flame Stance, you’ll be in an especial stance where you can unleash a diet version the laser-like Comet-Azur Sorcery with a gentle attack or perform a huge flashing area swing using an extremely powerful attack. Although these abilities were reduced with 1.03 patch, 1.03 update, these abilities are effective against mobs of rank and file and more so if you’ve invested in your INT as well as FAI.

Best Greatsword in Elden Ring

Then, we’ll have Greatswords which are a bit more powerful but heavier, and best when used with two hands. For Greatswords we recommend the weapon that Rykard himself uses, the Blasphemous Blade. Rykard the Lord of Blasphemy The Blasphemous Blade.

Damage Types: Phys 121, Fire 78, Critical 100
Scalings: STR D, DEX D, FAI D
Requirements: STR 22, DEX 15, FAI 21

The Blasphemous Blade can be described as a beast, both metaphorically due to its powerful stats and impressive special skills and also literally because of the creepy gripping hands that hang from it. When you beat an enemy using the Blasphemous Blade and you’ll gain an extra amount of HP. What’s more impressive it has a special ability, Taker’s Fire which unleashes a intense blast of flame in a straight line in front of you. Every enemy that the flame strikes will be wiped out of their HP and taken to you. The combination of powerful damage and the durability the sword can do is a huge advantage against the most savage bosses.

Best Katana in Elden Ring

Third, let’s look at Katanas. Katanas can be utilized effectively by using one hand or with two hands, but they aren’t always light. They are generally Katanas have an added feature that causes Bleed harm in the event that they are specifically used for another weapon. For Katanas the best choice is the mysterious, glowing blade, which is moonveil..

Damage Types: Phys 73, Magic 87, Critical 100
Scalings: STR E, DEX D, INT C
Requirements: STR 12, DEX 18, INT 23

Because of how easy Moonveil can be obtained earlier in the process It’s a great early game-specific weapon that is a secret weapon for a lot of players, however, you’d be more than qualified to use it as your main weapon. Moonveil’s secret ingredient is its unique ability, Transient Moonlight. You must put the blade inside the scabbard and then strike out of it to unleash a wave of magic force a few feet in the direction of your face, horizontally using a gentle attack, and vertically, with a strong attack. While this ability is quite effective, the main benefit is the precision damage it inflicts. A couple of strikes from Transient Moonlight can knock most enemies, even bosses into a stunned condition, allowing you to hit them again with a devastating strike. Nothing can smudge mooks quicker than near-guaranteed hits.

Best Colossal Sword in Elden Ring

Then, let’s talk about Colossal Swords. They, as their name implies they are massive in terms of dimensions, weight, and potential damage capability. You’ll require a high level of statistics to be able to use all of them that pretty much excludes the use of these weapons in the beginning however once you’re sturdy enough to handle one, you can check them at. When it comes to Colossal Swords, our pick is the Godslayer’s Greatsword.

Damage Types: Phys 119, Fire 77, Critical 100
Scalings: STR D, DEX D, FAI D
Requirements: STR 20, DEX 22, FAI 20

Although the Godslayer’s Greatsword does not deal the greatest damaging flat damage as its counterparts but its relatively low stat requirements allow it to be one of the easiest Colossal Swords. Additionally, the additional fire damage is more than enough to make up for the lower physical damage. If you’re skilled enough its unique skill The Queen’s Dark Flame will even out the playing field. Anyone who is hit with the first blow suffers significant damage, even more so when you follow up with an attack. The health of the enemy will decrease as they’re covered by the Black Flames.

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