What are the Best Lost Ark Gunslinger Build in 2022

The most effective Lost Ark Gunslinger build for PvE content as well as boss fights

In general it is clear that it is clear that the Gunslinger has been deemed to be the class with the greatest mobility in the game , and the best damage-dealer over all other classes. It’s ranked at the top spot on the Lost Ark Tier list. It’s also a difficult class to master because it’s a pretty high cap on skill once you’re at the final game. If this is your first time on the block and you’re looking for the top Lost Ark Gunslinger build to keep you in the game with your fellow players.

In this guide, we will break down the three stances and provide the necessary skills you need to use within your bar of action. We’ll also outline how you should allocate all of your Combat Skill Points so you maximize your ability to deal with damage. You can save this Lost Ark Gunslinger build below, and we’ll be updating the list with more options in the near time.

The Best-Lost Ark Gunslinger Build

Its Peacemaker Gunslinger Raid build in Lost Ark is designed to utilize all three stances seamlessly. Handgun Stance is the primary source of buffs and debuffs as Shotgun as well as Rifle Stances will do the large amount of damage. It is crucial to switch between Handgun Stance for the application of the Weakness and Crit buffs to ensure they are up to the maximum extent possible. You could consider binding your stance switch to the side mouse button in order for easier rotation.

Handgun Stance

  • Spiral Tracker (Weakness Exposed)
  • Quick Step (Excellent Mobility)
  • Plasma Bullet
  • Somersault Shot
  • A Dexterous Shot (Weakness Exposure)
  • Equilibrium (Weakness Exposure)
  • Death Fire
  • Peacekeeper (Excellent Mobility)
  • Bullet Rain

Shotgun Stance

  • Shootguns Rapid Fire (In the Tight Spot Extra Shot, Special Bullet)
  • Final Request (Quick Prep and Execution)
  • Two Shot Buckshot (In an Enclosed Spot with Enhanced Fire)
  • Sharpshooter (Special Bullet, in a tight spot)

Rifle Stance

  • The Target Down (Quick Aim, Large Magazine, Steady Aim)
  • The Perfect shot (Stable Stance, Kill Confirmation Enhance Shot)
  • The Focused Shot (Quick Aim, Double Tap Quick Finish)
  • Spiral Flame

Gunslinger Skills Rotation

Here’s the general strategy you should use to build this Gunslinger build in boss fights.

  • Spiral Tracker
  • Dexterous Shot
  • Shotgun Skills
  • Spiral Tracker
  • Dexterous Shot
  • Rifle Skills

It is essential to keep your Handgun Stance skill in cooling down. You can open them using Spiral Tracker for Weakness Exposure as well as Dexterous Shot does the same and give the ability to buff your Crit. If you have the required combat-skill points you can also apply Equilibrium in order to use this too. After the buffs and debuffs are applied, change to the Shotgun Stance, and then go through your routine. Change back to Handgun Stance, reapply all buffs and debuffs, follow the same process with the Rifle Stance. Repeat the rinse.

Gunslinger Stat Priority

The Gunslinger rank first in order from most important to the least important is according to:

  • Crit+Spec
  • Crit+Swift
  • Spec+Swift
  • Crit
  • Special
  • Swift
  • Everything else

This is our version of the top-rated Gunslinger built within Lost Ark. If you are not happy with the specific points distributions, modify it to your preference and play around with it to improve it. This is what Lost Ark is all about!

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