How To Fix Twitch Won’t Launch On Windows 11

How To Fix Twitch Won’t Launch On Windows 11

Fix Twitch Won’t Launch On Windows 11: Twitch is a well-known name in the gaming industry, and there will hardly be anyone who does not know about Twitch. It is an application that is known for live streaming. Most of the professional and New gamers used Twitch for Live video game streaming. Twitch Live Streaming is the same as youtube Live Streaming, in which Professional players create their channel for Live Game streaming. However, It is one of the best in the top 10 Live video gaming platforms that provide a Live Streaming experience. Twitch is available on various platforms, including browser, Windows 11, Android, XBOX, and PlayStation.

Recently, many users started reporting about the Twitch application. They reported that the Twitch application would not launch on their Windows 11 or 10 PC. However, twitch officials announced that they are currently investigating this issue, preventing VODs from loading, and very soon, they will provide some fixes. Meanwhile, when our team is also investigating this error, then they find some effective methods for this error. Below all the methods are mentioned, “How to fix this error.” Make sure you can read the full article till the end and follow all the steps that are given.

How to Fix Twitch Won’t Launch on Windows 11

Before starting, keep in mind that you do not need to follow each step. Here, you can perform the methods in sequence-wise, and you don’t want to follow further if any method works for you.

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Fix1. Launch in Safe Mode

Another option that helps you fix the Twitch won’t launch error on Windows 11. So, you can also try this once. Here are the steps for that:

  1. Open Runbox and search for MSConfig.
  2. Then, switch to the boot tab and Tap on Safe Boot.
  3. That’s it. Now, reboot your system and check if the Twitch error gets resolved or not. 

Fix2. Enable Hidden Files / Folders

Follow these steps and enable the hidden files/folders:

  • Firstly, open the settings and tap on Appearance and Personalization.
  • Then, click on: Folder OptionsShow Hidden files and folders.
  • Now, switch to the View tab. Under the Advanced Settings. Then, follow this path accordingly: Files and FoldersHidden files and foldersShow hidden files, folders, and drives.
  • Lastly, click on the Apply button and hit the Ok button.

Fix3. Run as Administrator

It’s another fix that you must follow. According to ClanCarousel, many users find this option very useful as it allows Twitch to use your system resource, which will usually not get in the usual Run. But, here, you have a twist in this fix you have to enable the Run as administrator inside the application. So, Let’s check it out; how will you do this?:

  • Open the Twitch app and clickon the three vertical lines icon located at the top-right side of the screen.
  • Then, click on the Files option and then click on Settings.
  • Select the general option, In the next window.
  • Lastly, locate and enable the Run Twitch as Administrator button.

Fix4. Enable Software Rending

Software rendering: It is the rendering process that does not depend upon the graphics hardware. However, this rendering fix will take place entirely in the CPU, and by default, it’s turned off. So, that means you have to enable this option. 

  • First, you will need to open the Twitch application on your Windows computer and then clickon the three vertical lines icon that is located at the top-right side of the screen.
  • After that, from the drop-down menu, click on the Files option and then click on Settings.
  • In the next window, tap on the general option.
  • Finally, locate and enable the Software Rendering Mode button.

Fix5. Complete Reinstall

Don’t get sad if all the above options will not work, as we have one more fix that you can try. Yes, you can reinstall the Twitch application on your Windows PC. That will fix the error present on your Twitch application. But, before reinstalling the twitch application, don’t forget to uninstall the existing application. 

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So, that’s all we have for you to fix the Twitch application won’t launch on their Windows 11. We hope you find this guide useful. In case, let us know if you still have any issues with your Twitch application. Our team is there to try to fix that issue. 

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