The Minecraft Fishing Rod Enchantments and What They Do

Fishing can be tiring and there are not many reasons to return to it in real life. You have to be a special person to enjoy fishing for fun. There is at least a chance that you will catch some fish in Minecraft. You won’t have any worries about wasting your time. We recommend the following enchantments for your Fishing Rod to make fishing even more enjoyable.

All fishing rod Enchantments

Two enchantments are only available for the Fishing Rod item in Minecraft. There are three additional enchantments that could be used in addition to them.

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Exclusive enchantments

Luck of the Sea

Luck of the Sea enchants fishing and makes it more likely you’ll catch better fish when you cast in. You will find fish and “garbage” items such as Leather Boots regularly. However, this enchantment will give you more Enchantment Books and enchanted Bows and Fishing Rods and Saddles. If you want to obtain enchantments for any other item, we recommend getting the level three version of Luck of the Sea.


Lure, the second exclusive Fishing Rod Enchantment, makes it easier to get bites faster than with it. Normaly, you have to wait up to 30 seconds before you are able reel in an item. But with the level three version of your rod, you’ll be able pull them in in seconds. This combination with Luck of the Sea will give you a quick way to gain experience and valuable items.

Other enchantments

Curse of Vanishing

Curse Of Vanishing is an enchantment you might encounter when you fish from water with a Fishing Rod. It is similar to other curses. This will not disappear with your other items if you die with it in your inventory.

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Mending gives an item immortality. This item can be repaired slightly by gaining experience orbs. This can be put on a Fishing Rod and will not break so long as you’re pulling in items.


Unbreaking increases the durability of your items, giving them a greater chance to not lose their health. Combining this with Mending will increase your chances of never having to purchase another Fishing Rod.

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