The Cycle: Frontier best weapons tier list

As in the similar games like Escape from Tarkov and Hunt: Showdown The combat system In The Cycle: Frontier revolves around the use of the best guns to meet your requirements. The weapon’s power within Frontier has a linear nature, which means it is the higher priced a weapon is, the more powerful it will be — it’s as straightforward as it gets. The same is true in fighting against players or enemies in the world of Fortuna III. So, when we talk about the most effective The Cycle: Frontier weapons on this list of tiers, we look at their effectiveness in relation to their cost.

Best weapons by price-to-power ratio in The Cycle: Frontier

The following list ranks guns from the best to the worst according to their power-to-cost ratio. That means the highest priced gun isn’t on first since an affordable weapon will perform better in the long run.

Tier SS C-36 Bolt Action rifle, Phasic Lancer, Scarab pistol

Its Burst gun of the Scarab along with C-36 Bolt Action. C-36 bolt action are two of the best affordable weapons available that are available in The Cycle: Frontier for battles at close range and long-range and long-range battles, respectively. Both guns can melt light armored prospectors in just two trigger pulls. They also come with a high base damage per shot, which means you have less ammunition to carry and also save money as well as backpack space. Although both guns aren’t able to withstand more robust armor, they are nevertheless excellent choices at a reasonable cost. Make sure you purchase the C-36 with a quickdraw mag to ensure maximum effectiveness.

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The Phasic Lancer is a fantastic middle-range and close-range rifle with good range, penetration and damage dropoff range as well as base damage. It’s great for PvP and also PvE. It is extremely affordable for the cost.

Tier S: Advocate AR, Hammer revolver, ASP Flechette Gun, KM-9 Scrapper SMG, PKR Maelstrom

The Maelstrom PKR is a powerful shotgun with a huge mag. It stands in statistical comparison with that of the ICA Shattergun while being much more affordable. Shotguns can be serviced within The Cycle: Frontier if you know how to operate the right ones, and this is the best option. Korolev’s second close-quarters weapon is the Scrapper KM-9 with a massive DPS but a smaller magazine and a relatively powerful recoil. Both guns fall into this class due to the price they are. By using ambush tactics, they’ll enable you to defeat opponents using more powerful weapons (and afterwards, take those weapons.)

Its Hammer six-shooter is a pistol-sized rifle that fires medium-sized ammunition and will not take up much space in your backpack. Similar to the two other Korolev guns in this class the Hammer is featured since it’s less expensive than other statistically comparable guns in The Cycle: Frontier.

Tier A KBR Longshot, K-28, Bulldog shotgun, ICA Guarantee LMG, Lacerator DMR, Voltaic Brute SMG Kinetic Arbiter DMR, Basilisk DMR, B9 Trenchgun Manticore AR

KBR Longshot KBR Longshot is a high-performance DMR with a rapid rate of firing. It’s pricey, but it’s well is worth it if you can afford it. The Manticore is a low-cost firearm with a mediocre accuracy and a low efficiency of ammo and a good overall damage output, if you can manage the recoil. It can be used to fight PvP, and also to complete AR-specific creature hunt contracts.

Tier B (Avoid at all cost) KOR-47 (Avoid at all costs) beam, PDW S-576 AR-55 Autorifle Gorgon beam rifle Karma-1 sniper rifle

KOR-47 is a mediocre AR. KOR-47 is a mediocre AR, but it’s just as expensive as it is due to it’s high-performance. With a price tag of six figures there’s nothing that is compelling enough to justify its use. The other extreme are that of the K-28 gun which is the most affordable weapon found in The Cycle: Frontier, and also one that you often receive free of charge within daily packages. For the cost the K-28 isn’t strong enough, and taking it to the surface is an unnecessary weapon slot.

” Zeus Beam” rhymes with “meme,” and that is the first clue not to make use of this ridiculously expensive weapon. It is worth it. Zeus Beam has such incredibly low damage per shot that you need to endure a long time carrying a large amount of ammunition, waiting for an easy cash-in-hand. It’s certainly capable of melting players, but as it is only possible to take out an amount of gear when you extract the Zeus Beam, it is always risky. Other weapons that you can craft are not advised either: They are weapons you can make just to show you own, however the use of them during matches is not recommended.

Knowing the economics in The Cycle: Frontier will allow you to earn additional K Marks faster so you are able to purchase the weapon that you’ve always wanted. Every time you decide to purchase one, be aware that it’s not only about cost. Think about the ways you’ll utilize the weapon and if it’s likely to fit your playing manner.

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