The Best Way to Get the Eurus in Lost Ark

Everything you must be aware of about how to obtain the Eurus in the Lost Ark

There’s a wide range of ships for players to explore the seas open to Arkesia within Lost Ark. There are several popular ships, including the standard Estoque and the Brahms and in this article we’ll focus on the Eurus. It’s the Eurus is an unlockable vessel which you can unlock by putting in a little effort. In the end, it’s not difficult to unlock, and requires only a bit of time. This is how to unlock to unlock the Eurus within Lost Ark.

“The Eurus is a small clipper designed for speed. Although she’s not as durable however, she compensates speed on the water and an excellent resistance in the face of Kelp Beds.” The following article will describe ways to open to the Eurus boat inside Lost Ark below.

The Best Way to Get the Eurus in Lost Ark

In order to unlock Eurus to unlock the Eurus Lost Ark, you must finish the task of Una known as “Ride as the Wind” 21 times.

You can access your Una’s tasks (ALT+J) website and navigate on to the Reputation Status tab. You can then click the “Item” Radial button and then search to find ” Fast Sailing Sprint: Eurus” to locate the task for Reputation. When you click on the magnifying glass on just to the right side of the task in Rep. Info, you’ll be able to see the required specifications.

There are three levels of reputation to be able to tackle in order to participate in this Fast Sailing Spring: Eurus Driver among Drivers.

  1. The Reputation 1-Level Reward 1 Level Reward: 6,000 Reputation 1 Level: 6,000 Pirate Coins (30 points required)
  2. The Reputation II Level Rewards 12,000 Pirate Coins (60 Points Required)
  3. Reputation Level Rewards 24,000 Pirate Coins and Fast Sailing Spring: Eurus (120 Points Required)

If you add them all total, you’ll have a total of 220 points to get all the required points of reputation. Every time you complete The Ride like the Wind quest will earn you 10 points that’s 21 attempts to complete the quest. If you complete one quest every day, you’ll have an average of 21 calendar days.

This Ride Like the Wind quest is simple. All you have to do following acceptance is go to Peyto and travel across a variety of island locations to deliver your customers. It’s not too difficult however you could decide to have it auto-completed in case you’re not interested in spending time.

When you’ve completed your 21 quests, you’ll be awarded your Legendary Fast Sailing Sprint: Eurus letter. By right-clicking, you can access the opportunity to complete a quest to earn Eurus. Eurus ship. In addition, you’ll earn 42,000 Pirate Coins to pay for your efforts, too.

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This is all you need to be aware of about unlocking The Eurus vessel to get into Lost Ark!. For more information and guide about Lost Ark check our website, here is another guide of How to Get Iron In Lost Ark. Make sure don’t forget to like or follows us on our TwitterFacebook pageand Instagram accounts.

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