Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge – All VHS Tape Locations

VHS Tapes: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge is a nostalgic 1980s retro-themed film in the making. When you add into your VHS Tape collectibles, it transforms into a nostalgic wormhole to the past. In the story mode of the game you’ll encounter Channel 6 reporter Vernon Fenwick who will ask you to locate his valuable VHS Tape Locations. If you collect all five, you’ll get yourself 100 points. Where are those tapes?

So Where are These Confused Tapes? !

It is difficult to not get caught up in unclear collection of fetch-quests. We on Gamer Journalist have compiled a helpful guide to locate these nostalgic pieces of the past.

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As previously mentioned the tapes are five in all One of them is located in episode 6 seven, episode 7 and episode 11, episode 10 and lastly, episode 13. Make sure you grab the entire collection and get the delicious, sweetpoints!

  • Episode 6 It is a VHS Tape is inside a garbage container that is located near to the Random Clothing shop.
  • Episode 7: This VHS Tape is in the red toolbox next to an girder in dark brown. It stands out in the monochromic shades and shouldn’t be difficult to identify.
  • Episode 10 It’s a VHS Tape is housed in an Foot Clan crate adorned with the iconic logo.
  • Episode 11: This VHS Tape is stored inside an exhibit of cards close to a wall that is decorated with butterflies.
  • Episode 13 The VHS Tape is housed in an Foot Clan crate adorned with the famous logo. It’s located in the same crate as a number of giantand, thankfully, non-active robots.

What’s Next? !

After you’ve gotten the final VHS Tape, return to the World Map and, then then, return to the Channel 6 Van. In the past you’ll earn yourself an amazing100 points for getting every one of them! Good luck, completionists!

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