Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge – All Secret Diary locations

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge is available now and is one aspect it shares and Irma’s diaries. If your notes in your diary are private, why are they scattered around the town? In reality, anyone -or including cryptid half-turtle or half-teenager could find them! In the story mode you’ll encounter Irma who’ll ask to find her diaries that are scattered. If you find all fivediaries, you’ll earn you 75 bonus points. Where can you find these secret diary Locations?

The Great White Diary Hunt

It is difficult to stay focused on unclear fetch-quests that are collectible. We the Gamer Journalist have compiled a useful guide for finding these obscure books. As previously mentioned there are five diaries that are in total. One of them is available in episode two four, episode four episodes five as well as episode six and lastly episode seven. Make sure you catch each one and get the sweet sugarypoints!

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  • Episode 2 The diary is located in an unmarked blue mailbox located on the outside of a garage for parking. You’ll recognize it that is just in front of the utility pole.
  • Episode 4 It is in an empty trashcan near the bench.
  • Episode 5: This diary can be found in a display of cards display near the beginning of the stage.
  • Episode 6: This diary can be found in a garbage bin located in the food court in the mall.
  • Episode 7: This diary can be found in a red toolbox that is on the roof.

What Now? !

After you’ve found the last diary, go back to Irma’s Apartment It’s situated under Episode 2. Like we said you’ll earn yourself the amazing75 points for getting the entire diary! Good luck, completionists!

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