Can we scrap or sell looted weapons in Weird West

The Question comes in every players mind is that Can we scrap or sell looted weapons in Weird West. In this article we discussed about its, hope you can read the full article

While players make their way through the wilderness of Weird West, players will encounter a wealth of loot. Weapons are a given in this game every enemy that use weapons against the player will see that weapon thrown away as loot. The issue is whether players should take down the weapons or take the weapons for later sale.

The solution is simpler than most people believe. If it’s a weapon with a single star scraping it off while you’re walking along the way is more than enough. If it’s more than one star keep it in your possession to sell to shops when you find yourself in an area. Remember that you can keep your collection of items, making them mules for packing when your bag becomes weighty.

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The math is fairly straightforward: weapons that are one-star sell for $2 or are broken down into two rounds of the same type. It’s possible that it only drops only one cartridge (or maybe three) but it’s the difference of just one dollar, since every type of projectile ammo costs one dollar per round. The most basic kind of junk from the vendor retails for $8 (utensils and other items) It increases according to the rarity.

Can we scrap or sell looted weapons in Weird West

Weapons with more than 1 star in rarity are selling at a higher price -10 dollars for a two-star weapon. $30 for a three-starweapon, $60 for a four-star and $150 for rarity weapons with five stars. It’s possible to run out of ammunition based the condition you’re in on the trail of dust If your back is to the wall and your revolver is empty do not be afraid of taking out enemy weapons in order to keep your group alive However, try not to empty your pockets while doing it.

The most common rule is that one slot must to have a value of either the minimum amount of $8 or it will help you save your life. It’s possible to rely on trading in perks throughout the game, however the basic rule of thumb is present throughout the entire game. It is possible to argue over the importance of sentimental objects held by specific characters but it’s a decision that the that the player has to decide for themselves.

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