Android 12 – Play Android Games Before Download

Android 12: Play Android Games Before download

Android 12 Play Android Games Before download: Yesterday 12th July 2021 Google games team announced a new feature in the Play Store called “Play as you Download”. It will help the user to play games before downloading in Play Store.

“Play as you download” will allow users to urge into gameplay in seconds while game assets are downloaded at the same time”. There’s an easy reason Google developed this new “play as you download feature”. Users want to start out playing directly. But as game quality keeps improving, their size increases, resulting in long, dull downloads,” explains Google.

Before Google, the same concepts are offered by Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox. But there hasn’t been much of a requirement for it on Android until recently since most mobile games are much smaller in size than PC games or consoles.

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Google said, “Play as you download” features are available for all the android developers who publish Apps and Games. Now with these features, users can play games 2 times faster than before.

The advantages of this feature are only given to the devices that run Android 12. Therefore the reason is that the feature is “built into the core of Android 12″. A “special-purpose Linux virtual file system that permits execution of a program while its binary and resource files are still being lazily downloaded over the network.”

Play Android Games Before download

Although “play as you download” is visible/open to all app developers, it requires the developer to create their app with the Android App Bundle format. That’s because the feature makes use of Play Asset Delivery, which needs the app bundle format.

“Play as you Download” – Play while downloading

New apps submitted to Google Play after August 1st, 2021 are required to use the Android App Bundle format, but some developers aren’t comfortable with the need.

If the App Bundle requirement doesn’t bother you, then “play as you download” is going to be a pleasant feature to urge users hooked into your game’s gameplay loop even sooner. Developers can check-in for the “play as you download” beta program by filling out this type.

It was not Google’s first attempt at making games load faster. With “Google Play Instant,” Google already offers a related feature that permits gamers to right away start a game from the Play Store. The thought there, though, is to completely do away with the install process. Although, it provides potential players a chance to undertake out a replacement game directly.

Like Play Instant, the new “play as you download” feature is powered by Google’s Android App Bundle format, which is, for the foremost part, replacing the old APK standard

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