Lost Ark Sunflower Island Mokoko Seeds Locations

There is a detailed map showing all three Mokoko Seed locations on Sunflower Island in Lost Ark which you can use to gather them all.

Mokoko Seeds are green collectibles to be found on the ground in different areas in the Lost Ark. The players can collect Mokoko seeds and get cash rewards with every fifty seeds they collect. Certain seeds are hidden or locked behind zones which require specific songs or abilities to unlock. There are 888 Mokoko Seeds available in the game, meaning there’s plenty to keep your mind entertained.

In this article we look at all Sunflower Island Mokoko Seeds places. The three Mokoko Seeds in Sunflower Island that are easily accessible if you know where to search. Look over the map and section below for a quick reference to all Mokoko Seed places.

Lost Ark Sunflower Island

Sunflower Island is an item that is a level 250 island to the to the east Vern. It is a beautiful island of stunning sunflowers. Artists from all over the globe to find their inspiration in this region. We have a map of the three Mokoko Seed locations that you can look up below in case you’re looking to gather the entire collection.

All Mokoko Seed Locations in Sunflower Island

Three Mokoko Seeds can be found located in the Sunflower Island region. Two Seeds are located in the southeastern part of the island. another one is located situated in the middle east of the small pond.

Sunflower Island Mokoko Seeds FAQ

How many Mokoko seeds are in Sunflower Island?

There are three Mokoko Seeds that can be collected on Sunflower Island.

Where is Sunflower Island in Lost Ark?

Sunflower Island is an island within Lost Ark. It’s an early game island that you can visit with tier one gear, since it needs a 250 level item for entry. This is an area that which you’ll probably traverse for quests to find materials, fight monsters or even visit the merchants who travel.

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