Guide: Lost Ark Sharpshooter engravings

We cover all aspects of Lost Ark Sharpshooter Engravings. This includes the best selections and recommended alternatives.

The Sharpshooter is one of the lesser-known specialists in the ranged Gunner classes. The Sharpshooter (also known as Hawkeye) is a bow-wielder who uses special arrows and effects to generate meters. They are able to survive in combat and have high agility. Their skill set makes them excellent for exploiting boss weaknesses.

Sharpshooters have the ability to summon a hawk, which can be used against enemies or lower meter exhaustion. An uber-powerful attack can result in the sacrifice of both the hawk or meter. Two engravings are exclusive to the Sharpshooter class: Loyal Companion and Death Strike. Below is a guide that will list all Lost Ark Sharpshooter Engravings along with the recommended engraving options for the Death Strike or Loyal Companion combinations.

Lost Ark Sharpshooter engravings

Two exclusive engravings are available to the Sharpshooter, just like every class in Lost Ark. There are many engravings that can be used to enhance your stats or compliment your playstyle. These engravings are ranked according to how important they should be. You can add engravings to the list as you gain more levels and unlock them. We’ll be looking at one path that can be used both Death Strike or Loyal Companion for this class.

Sharpshooter Exclusive engravings

Death Strike: When you use Last Rush, half of your remaining Hawk Meter will be recovered. For eight seconds, hit foe damage increases by a percentage.
Loyal Companion: Summons Silverhawk MK-II. This allows for a faster move speed, an increase in Silver Hawk’s Basic AoE radius and an increase in summon duration. Foes can receive a Mark of death from basic attack or Wings of Storm strikes. Foe incoming injury increases by a percentage. During combat, Hawk Meter Natural Recovery also increases.

Recommendations Sharpshooter Engravings for Death Strike, Loyal Companion

  • Death Strike
  • Loyal Companion
  • Hit Master
  • Keen Blunt Weapon
  • Raid Captain
  • Grudge (Lv. 3 or don’t Use
  • Cursed Doll

The leaderboard rankings for other regions are as follows: Many Lost Ark Sharpshooter builds use Death Strike alone at level 3, or a combination Death Strike/Second Companion at level 3. However, there are only a few players that can run with Loyal Companion. To create powerful synergies, no matter what path you take, we recommend the Engravings List.

No matter what your choice, Swift and Crit are the most important stats to focus on. Specialty can be used to increase your meters faster, but it’s less common than the two main stats. Death Strike players will use melee attacks along with their range skills to do the most damage. For the damage boost, you will need to quickly burn your meter before moving back to melee range or building it back up.

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