Lost Ark Revelry Row Mokoko Seeds Locations

The map below is showing the two Mokoko Seed locations in Revelry Row in Lost Ark that you can utilize to find all of them.

Mokoko Seeds are green treasures that can be found on the ground throughout the various areas within the Lost Ark. You can collect Mokoko Seeds and receive cash rewards with every fifty seeds they collect. Certain seeds are locked or hidden behind locations that require specific skills or songs to unlock. There are 888 Mokoko Seeds available in the game, which means there’s plenty to keep your mind busy.

In this article we will look at all Lost Ark Revelry Row Mokoko Seeds places. The two Mokoko Seeds in Revelry Row and they are all accessible when you know where to search. Look over the map and section below to quickly find all Mokoko Seed places.

Lost Ark Revelry Row

Revelry Row is tiny island that requires a 250-item level to access. It’s also called Disco Island, due to the dance floor that is bouncing It’s also the place where kids from Arkesia come to enjoy a night of fun. It’s a place that is full of young, energetic energy. Below, you will find an easy-to-follow map showing both Mokoko Seed places in the area.

All Mokoko Seed Locations in Revelry Row

Two Mokoko Seeds in the Revelry Row region. One is located in the southern part of the island, a little north of the dock area and the other one is located on the northern portion of the island. Below is a map showing both Mokoko Seeds locations:

Lost Ark Revelry Row Mokoko Seeds Locations

Lost Ark Revelry Row Mokoko Seeds FAQ

The number Mokoko Seeds are there in Revelry Row?

The two Mokoko Seeds that can be collected at Revelry Row. One of them is located in the southern region , just a slightly to the north of dock area. The Seed that is the other Seed is located on the north part of the island.

Where is Revelry Row?

Revelry Row Also called Disco island is a tiny island located south of the Vern continent of the Ethulian Sea. The kids of Arkesia come to Revelry Row to have fun during the night and are brimming with youthful, high-energy energy. It’s a great early game area that you’ll likely traverse to complete quests, gather materials, kill monsters or even visit the merchants who travel around.

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