Lost Ark: Lagoon Island Mokoko seeds Locations

You can find a map showing the Mokoko Seeds locations on Lagoon Island in Lost Ark.

Mokoko Seeds, which are green collectibles, can be found on the ground in different areas of Lost Ark. Mokoko Seeds can be collected by players and they will earn rewards for each 50 seeds that are collected. Some seeds are hidden behind locked areas or require special skills or songs to unlock. There are approximately 888 Mokoko seeds in the game. This means there is plenty to collect and keep you busy.

This post will show you all the Lost Ark Lagoon Island Mokoko Seeds locations. Only one Mokoko seed is located on Lagoon Island. If you know where to look, it can be easily found. The Mokoko Seed location can be found in the map and section below.

Lost Ark Lagoon Island

Lagoon Island is an amazing island that conjures images of a underwater world. Because of its abundance of fish, it is very popular with anglers. You will have to wait until the right time to visit this adventure island. Check your in-game map. Below you will find the Mokoko Seed location on Lagoon Island.

All Mokoko Seed Locations on Lagoon Island

In the Lagoon Island area, there are nine Mokoko seeds. Four of them are located in the north, and five in the south. Below is a map showing all nine locations.

You will need to do a few steps before you can access the one Mokoko Seed. You can interact with the tombstone by taking the boat from the east to the island. Next, jump up to the cliff. You will find a cave entry that you can explore to discover the Mokoko Seed.

FAQ: Lost Ark Lagoon Island Mokoko Seeds

How many Mokoko seeds are there on Lagoon Island

Only one Mokoko Seed is available for collection on Lagoon Island. You will need to cross the island by taking the boat to the east and interact with the tombstone. This unlocks an area that you can jump to, and a cave where the Mokoko Seed is located.

Where is Lagoon Island located?

Lagoon Island is an amazing island that conjures images of a place under the sea. You cannot always reach it because it is an adventure island. To find out when it will be available again, you can consult your in-game compass.

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