Lost Ark: Alteisen Mokoko Seed Locations

There is a detailed map showing the four Mokoko Seed locations in Alteisen within the Lost Ark that you can make use of to collect all.

Mokoko Seeds can be described as green treasures that can be found on the ground throughout the various areas in the Lost Ark. You can collect Mokoko Seeds and get cash rewards with every fifty seeds they collect. Some seeds are hidden , or hidden behind locked areas which require specific songs or capabilities to unlock. There are 888 Mokoko seeds in the game, meaning there’s plenty to keep your mind busy.

In this article we look at all of the Lost Ark Alteisen Mokoko Seeds places. The four Mokoko Seeds in Alteisen, that are easily accessible if you know where to search. Look over the map and section below for a quick reference to all the Mokoko Seed places.

Lost Ark Alteisen

Alteisen can be described as a deserted, deserted island filled with scrap metal but it’s not overflowing with of vitality energy. Alteisen is situated just south of Arthetine and requires item 302. The field boss is akin to the calendar on Proxyon’s Compass. The Mokoko has four seeds in the entire island.

Every Mokoko Seed location in Alteisen

The Mokoko has four seeds in the Alteisen region. Two of them are accessible from the north through the passageway, while the other two are located in the middle and west part of the area.

Do you know how many Mokoko Seeds are there in Alteisen?

There are four Mokoko Seeds that can be collected in Alteisen.

Where is Alteisen in Lost Ark?

Alteisen is a tiny deserted island brimming with scrap metal. The island is located in the south of Arthetine continent, which is located in the northeastern region of Arkesia. It’s an early game region that you’ll likely go through in order to complete quests, take down the boss in the field and then collect Mokoko Seeds.

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