Location of Mokoko Seeds on Mount Zagoras – Lost Ark

The map below is showing all 12 Mokoko seed locations in Mount Zagoras in Lost Ark that you can utilize to find all of them.

Mokoko Seeds are green collectibles to be found in the earth in different areas within the Lost Ark. You can collect Mokoko Seeds and get reward points for each 50 seeds they collect. Certain seeds are hidden behind locations that require specific skills or songs to unlock. There are around 888 Mokoko seeds in the game, which means there’s plenty to keep your mind busy.

In this article we will take a look at all Lost Ark Mount Zagoras Mokoko Seeds places. The Mokoko Seeds are located in 12 locations. seeds located in Mount Zagoras, which are easily accessible when you know where to find them. Look over the map and section below to quickly find all of the Mokoko Seed places.

Lost Ark Mount Zagoras

Mount Zagoras is an area located on West Luterra. It is a mountain range that is rugged which extends onto West Luterra. Zagoras Fortress guards the border and is renowned for its top lancers. There is twelve Mokoko Seeds within this region The places are listed below.

All Mokoko Seeding Locations within Mount Zagoras

Twelve Mokoko seeds located in the Mount Zagoras region. Four of them are located situated in the northern part of the region and the other five are located in the south. Here’s a map of the twelve locations:

Lost Ark Mount Zagoras Mokoko Seeds Locations

How many Mokoko seeds are on Mount Zagoras?

There are 12 Mokoko seeds available for collection within the Mount Zagoras area. Three of them are hidden behind a barricade that has an obscene amount of health.

How to Break the Barricade in Mount Zagoras?

The barricade that is blocking all three Mokoko Seeds can take anywhere between 5 and 60 hours to fall down. It is suggested to be able to fight five people at a constant pace to eliminate it within 10 minutes. If you stop fighting the wall, it’s said to replenish the wall’s “health.” This barricade will respawn within 5-10 seconds. Therefore, it is imperative that you are in the area once it’s shut down. Teleport away or use the /escape command after you’ve finished taking the seed.

Where is Mount Zagoras located in Lost Ark?

Mount Zagoras is a zone within West Luterra. It’s a game-playing zone that you can run through to finish quests, find resources, fight monsters, and visit the wandering merchants. The Mokoko Seeds are available in 12 varieties. seeds in this area to gather.

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