How to level up the Lab in Lost Ark

From the numerous facilities in your personal stronghold within Lost Ark, the Lab is without doubt the most vital. The research carried out within the Lab is what lets you construct better and larger crafters and create new recipes for crafting So it’s best to improve it as much as you can. Here’s how to level up the Lab in Lost Ark.

How do you level up your Lab within Lost Ark

The facilities within your Stronghold are connected through an overall Stronghold Level. That means that although all facilities have their own level, lab as well Lab included, it is the Stronghold Level is the only one that is actually important. If you increase your Stronghold Level increases, the levels of the other facilities will rise by themselves.

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For the Lab the increase in the Stronghold Level will give you new Research topics to develop ships and creating objects, and even increasing the efficiency of your Lab. Research can also be used to Research to unlock more slots to use for Research but that’s not the only way to do it.

Leveling Up the Stronghold

How do you increase the Stronghold? Simply, do things using it. Any activity you perform that is done in your Stronghold as well as around the property can contribute to the Stronghold Experience you have, slowly raising the level of your Stronghold. Rewards for activities that boost Stronghold Experience include

  • Complete the Stronghold tutorials
  • Crafting materials
  • Researching and conducting Research
  • Ships are sent out to make expeditions
  • Completing Station Quests
  • Complete weekly Stronghold Quests

If you’re not certain of the level your Stronghold should be in order in order to improve your facilities visit the Lab and select the drop-down at the top of the screen, labeled “Available Research.” Switch it to “All Research,” and you’ll be able see all the possible Research projects, including ones that you’re not able to access at this point and the specific requirements for each.

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Keep in mind that doing things within your Stronghold is consuming Action Energy. In default, you’ll earn 100 points every 10 minutes, but it will rise when the Stronghold Level raises. It is recommended to get an earlier start with Stronghold levels if you are able and avoid sitting there just staring at it without anything other to do.

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