Learn how to Make Arrows in Elden Ring

This article will provide everything you need to learn about how to make the arrows in Elden Ring, including what you’ll need to create the arrows.

If you’ve decided to choose one of the classes like Samurai or Bandit that starts the game by using a bow, you’ll have to buy the ammunition you’ll need eventually. No matter if you’d prefer fire or regular arrows, it’s the ammunition you’ll need to use to fire your bow, and then deal the destruction. This guide will teach you how to make and acquire bows from scratch in Elden Ring.

As you’ve probably guessed there are many methods to purchase arrows for crossbows and bows. Apart from buying the arrows from merchants or getting them in the form of ground loot your primary and most reliable source for archers is to make the arrows. That brings us to the query regarding how to create bows within the Elden Ring.

What is the best way do I Make Arrows in Elden Ring

To create arrows in Elden Ring, you can purchase the Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook from Merchant Kale in the Church of Elleh area. It will guide you through crafting recipes, which include making bows. For the 500 Runes the cost to purchase this book, the reader will be taught how to create Bone Arrows, Fletched Bone Arrows as well as Bone Bolts.

If you go through the story you’ll find the merchant to the north of The First Step in the Church of Elleh area. It’s difficult to ignore, but in the event that you’re looking to locate it on a map, here’s the location.

To create the arrows of Elden Ring, go into the Item Crafting Menu. You’ll require a few Thin Beast Bones to make 10 Bone Arrows. You can purchase Thin Beast Bones with no difficulty in killing other animals and even pets.

That’s basically all you must be aware of when it comes to making an arrow in Elden Ring! To find more guides and other content to read, visit our site’s Elden Ring area.

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