Land of Empires: Immortal Heroes Tier List 2022

Land of Empires: Immortal Heroes: Land of Empires Immortal requires patience, planning, and good judgement. Nuverse developed Lord of Empires. It focuses on a world in which a large territory has been overthrown by the demons, and many cities have been destroyed. As the good guy in every story likes, you are here to fight them and reclaim the entire world and bring peace.

You can also consider yourself the Nick Fury if you’re a Marvel fan. Your task is to gather the most powerful heroes and create the strongest team that can defeat these demons. There are a lot of heroes in Land of Empires Immortal.

It might prove difficult to choose the best heroes for our team as we all want them to be there. Our Land of Empire: Immortal hero list includes all the most powerful heroes according to their classes. This article may prove to be useful if you’re looking for the best heroes for your team.

Land of Empires: Immortal Heroes Tier List 2022

This tier list can be divided into three sections: Tier-S (Section 1), Tier S (Section 2), and Tier B (section 3). Each tier is made up of players from different classes. You cannot always play with the same tier. You might find that things will vary depending on how the players play. This tier list may be useful to provide an overview of where players are in Land of Empires Immortal and how they can best be used.

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Land of Empires: Immortal List S-Tier

The S-Tier List is made up of the most powerful heroes from the Land of Empires. These heroes are able to use a wide range of different tricks and powers that will make them invaluable in battle. You will eventually need their abilities to win higher battles. These are the S-tier heroes of the various classes.

  • Infantry Class:Heracles and Ceaser
  • Cavalry: Valkryie
  • Archer: Cleopatra VII

Land of Empires: Immortal List A-Tier

Tier-A is made up of heroes who are above average and have extraordinary powers and strength. They aren’t as strong as the S-Tier heroes but they can still be very useful in many situations. These are the A-tier heroes:

  • Infantry ClassEl Cid
  • Cavalry ClassMochizuki, Nefertari
  • Archer, Queens of Sheba and Mozi

Land of Empires: Immortal List of B-Tier Levels

The heroes of the B-tier are less skilled or more average than the other heroes. They also have some very powerful powers that may be useful in certain situations. But you can’t rely on them to win battles. Below are the B-tier players of Land of Empires Immortal:

  • Infantry Class,Spartacus Anhur
  • Cavalry ClassNinhursag. Scorpion II. Oscar
  • Archer: Ibnu Battuta, Motsognir, Nubia

Land of Empires : Immortal Classes

Land of Empires: Immortal has three classes, Infantry, Cavalry and Archer. Each class has its own abilities and is specialized in different combat skills. This article will cover all the details about the various classes found in the Land of Empires.

Infantry Class

Land of Empires Immortal Heroes list 2022

The Infantry troops are responsible for leading the army. Heroes like Ceaser and Heracles are the best choices. Because they can survive damage and maintain immunity, this is why they are so popular.

Although Heracles has a better ability to reduce damage, he also lacks control immunity. Both characters are unique in their own ways.

Cavalry Class

Land of Empires Immortal Heroes list 2022

The cavalry class is specialized in dealing with damage. They are fighters who have extreme combat skills and can hit their enemies with huge hits. The Cavalry troop is located in the middle of the group, right behind the Infantry troop. Therefore, Valkryie or Nefertari are the two best cavalry troops from the S-tier.

They are extremely mobile and have a lot of damaging power. Nefertari is able to poison enemies for six seconds, causing significant damage. Mochizukichiyo may seem weaker than them.

Archer Class

Land of Empires Immortal Heroes list 2022

Archer’s class is much weaker than those of the other classes. They are however very useful when it comes long-ranged attacks. While they can do some serious damage to enemies, their defense stats are not as good.

They can also be of benefit to their allies because of their unique abilities. You can defeat many enemies if you have a strategy and can provide cover for your archers.


This tier list includes the most powerful heroes of each class. It is ranked according to their strength and power. Your requirements may vary depending on how you play and what strategy you use. If you don’t know much about strategies or the game, you might consider joining any of these tiers. Let us know if you already have your favourite tier in the comments section.

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