Land of Empires: Immortal Beginners Guide and Tips

Land of Empires: Immortal is a strategy-based multiplayer game created in collaboration with Nuverse. It launched on the 16th of January in 2022 and was among the top popular games of 2022. In the game, players will be able to rebuild cities and create the army needed to protect your cities. As the game is relatively new, some players may have a difficult time to comprehend the rules and game play. Today, we’ll talk about the land of empires Immortal beginners guide. We’ll also provide you with important information to enjoy the game.

Because it is a game played in a group and you must join forces with other players to gain success. If you’ve had previous experience playing these kinds of games and have the necessary experience, you should be able to succeed in this game. This article has covered everything you need to know in this article including resource management, to strategies for developing the army. After reading this article, you’ll be able to play the game with no difficulty, and be able to comprehend the way this game, or any other strategy game functions.

Land of Empires: Immortal Beginners Guide and Tips

In total, Land of Empires: Immortal has over one million active players per month. The game is accessible on players on both Android and iOS. The game can be difficult and may be confusing for people who don’t have experience playing strategy games.

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So, don’t fret, here we will discuss 5 important elements to know before you play this game.

1. Shield

Shield is a crucial element for PVP games since other players could strike your village. Because you’re a novice player, those with the least experience will seek out new players and target their villages because they don’t have any buildings for defense. Thus, the shield shields you from attackers. If you have primary structures to defend your foundation, you are able to disarm the shield.

2. Infrastructure

Infrastructureis, in a way resources, or army barracks that are used to attack villages or rebuild your village. Therefore, you should begin to improve your infrastructure prior to your adversaries.

3. Expand your business

Within Land of Empires: Immortal In this game, you don’t be able to use the infinite space to construct new buildings. Therefore, you must grow your village by claiming new blocks of land. When you expand, you’ll also be able access new buildings that are powerful and beneficial to the development of your village.

4. Constructing essential buildings

Remember that the game of strategy is about building new structures and continuously expanding your village in order to defend your village. There are three kinds of buildings that can be found in this game. They are civic and economic buildings. These are the structures that provide resources to your community.

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These buildings include homes hospital, houses, and other structures designed for the wellbeing of the residents. There are also decorative structures that are used to decorate your village with streets, street lights and so on.

5. Building Upgrades

One of the most important aspects is to upgrade your buildings to a higher quality for greater benefits or to boost the performance of your buildings. The upgrade of resource buildings will boost the amount of output they can produce, and certain buildings can unlock perks when upgraded to a specific level.

If you’re just starting playing, the first few levels of upgrades could be free, however as you advance the upgrades will start at a cost that is based on the level they will be upgraded to.

Land of Empires: Immortal Beginners Guide and Tips

Now that you have all the basic tips to play the game. Let’s talk about some suggestions and strategies to improve your game.

1. Make sure you regularly upgrade your Troops and Heroes

Heroes and troops are crucial for winning PVP battles. A high level of troops and heroes can give you an edge over your opponent and give you a an increased probability of winning the battle. If you press the + sign in front of your hero’s level, you can boost the hero’s level.

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It is also possible to increase the level of your hero by upgrading your star. By doing this, you can also increase some of the fundamental stats of your hero including HP attacks, defense, and HP. Hero levels can be upgraded and should be prioritized. High-level barracks give you the opportunity to train elite troops. Therefore, you should upgrade your barracks to a higher standard for the purpose of training elite troops. They can be very beneficial for defending other villages.

2. Recruit Heroes

It is best to bring in heroes from time to time to ensure you have the best players in your team. Keep in mind that the higher the level that they’re stronger. You can invite the hero by visiting in the Hall of Heroes building, and then choose Recruit Hero. They’re divided into two categories that are Epic recruit and advanced Recruit.

The game Epic Recruit, you have the option of bringing on an individual hero at no cost, and after this, you’ll have three days prior to receiving another chance to recruit for free, or you can utilize the legendary fate stone to bypass the cooldown. In Advanced Recruit, the cooldown is a bit lower than the free version.

3. Rebuild your city

The primary goal is to repair your city. The quicker you unlock new buildings and regions, the more quickly you’ll progress in the game. Additionally, you will earn rewards for the construction of certain buildings , or for unlocking these. To build stronger troops you must upgrade your barracks up to the highest capacity as more powerful troops give you a an advantage over your adversaries.

As we mentioned earlier that you must grow your village. Therefore, you must begin attacking and reclaiming your territory. You’ll be able to unlock new buildings through taking back territory and earn great rewards.

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To enhance buildings, you need to make use of resources. To get the resources you need, you must have resource buildings that are high-level, that will give you a decent amount of resources over time. Also, you can earn plenty of resources from removing undesirable objects within your city.

4. Find and form alliance

It is recommended that you be part of an excellent alliance in order to meet new people and to enjoy benefits like raids, rallies, village security, and a tree of technology. When you join an alliance, you’ll be able participate in the daily alliance quests and you will earn rewards for doing the quests. Most quests we undertake every day, like taking resources, or attacking the village.

Additionally, you will earn alliance points, which can be used in the shop of alliances to purchase teleporters, hero shards, speed ups buffs. In the week-long section, you’ll be able buy shields and scouting security. Don’t forget that you join an alliance otherwise, you’ll be missing everything.

5 Discover the game

It is recommended to play the game as thoroughly as you can and discover new things. Land of Empires: Immortal developers update the game each month They will also showcase the game by releasing a trailer via their channel on YouTube. ensure you look it up after each new update.

Daily quests give you bonuses and resources once you have succeeded in successful completion. Make sure you finish them each day to get those awesome rewards. Do not fret that you’re new to playing strategy games as you will be playing the game and you’ll be learning how to play and developing new strategies. Start playing now and don’t fret about knowing nothing else about the game. Also, take note of all the advice you’ve read about up to this point.


These are these Land of Empires: Immortal beginners guide and tips to help you begin the game easily. For more information and guide about Games check our website’s, Gaming Section. Make sure don’t forget to like or follows us on our TwitterFacebook page, and Instagram accounts.

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