How to Use Essence Transfer in Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal offers players a variety of choices to personalize the items of their character. Blizzard has added an aspect of quality of life to its free-to-play game. The brand new Essence Transfer feature in the Diablo Immortal is clever and allows players to mix the characteristics of one famous piece of equipment with the characteristics of another.

In this way, players can create their personal custom created legendary item that is completely unique. Continue reading for more information about this feature. Essence Transfer feature and how you can use it in your game.

Essence Transfer in Diablo Immortal

What is Essence Transfer

Its Essence Transfer feature enables a player to transfer the perk from one famous object to another. It’s an excellent tool that can help players create items based on their requirements or to change their loadout to accommodate different tasks. Take note that the Essence Transfer only works on legendary items. Only the right-hand portion of your inventory is able to benefit from this feature.

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How to Essence Transfer

To utilize this Essence Transfer feature in Diablo Immortal You must possess at least two legendary items belonging to the same type on your list. Once you have the necessary number, look in search of Zamina on Rakki’s Square in Westmarch. The tab for services will be displayed once you call her. The tab can be used to transfer Essence. You can remove Essence out of one object, and Zamina keeps it until she finds an ideal match to complete the transfer.

If you’ve got an ideal couple of things, click”Inherit” after you click on the “Inherit” button after extracting the Essence. If the transfer is successful, it will alter the appearance, name, and legendary benefit of the inherited item.

It is true that the Essence Transfer feature has a couple of drawbacks. When you extract Essence from an item that is legendary can destroy it and render the item useless to players. That means that players can’t make use of this legendary item again when they’re required to. The whole process is also the equivalent of three thousand Gold cost.

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