How to Use Ashes of War in Elden Ring

There are several variety of different weapons you can find and utilize to use in Elden Ring, though even there is a lot of variety it’s possible that you won’t be able to find a weapon that fits well with your game style. In normal circumstances, I would scold you for being too picky however, as it is, there are methods to alter some weapons by giving them new properties and skills which you might find an advantage. Here’s how to use Ashes of War in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring’s weapons come with any kind of skill or ability tied to the weapon. Certain of them are unique however the majority are common and for each of the standard weapons, there’s an equivalent Ash of War. If you apply the Ash of War to a weapon, you can grant that weapon the ability however, certain abilities can only be used with certain weapons.

There’s more to it. when you apply Ashes of War to weapons it is possible to alter the weapon’s affinity by changing the damage it deals and the kind of your attributes it increases with, as adding status effects such as frostbite or bleeding. It’s a fantastic method to make the weapon of an interest to you more into line with your preferred style of play The best part is that the use of Ashes of War has no obligation or commitment. You can put them right in there and If you aren’t happy with how they perform, just take them off and place them somewhere else.

How to Get Ashes of War in Elden Ring

In the first place, you have to purchase Ashes of War. Ashes of War are fairly abundant within The Lands Between; you’ll probably come across a few of them when you go through dungeons, fight off enemies, and follow the crucial story line.

How to Use Ashes of War in Elden Ring

For you to actually put in Ashes of War to your weapon, you’ll need go to Hewg the blacksmith at Roundtable Hold or find the Whetstone Knife. This Whetstone Knife allows you to carry out Ashes of War maintenance on yourself from Sites of Grace, and is available through a small underground room within The Gatefront Ruins in Limgrave. Find the staircase in the tents and walls and then follow them to locate a room that has an unlocked chest.

On on the Ashes of War menu at Hewg or from the menu at Hewg or Site of Grace, select the weapon you wish to alter. It’s important to know that the unique weapon cannot be modified in abilities or affinities modified by Ashes of War; this applies only to standard weapons such as shields, staves and other items. If you choose one weapon, you’ll be presented with an overview of each Ash that the weapon can be used with. The different Ashes of War are broken into 13 kinds. If applying or apply an Ash for your weapon in accordance with the type, it will alter the weapon’s affinity and alter its stats, its scaling and abilities. Ashes of War in Elden Ring

All Ashes of War in Elden Ring

These are the 13 kinds as well as a general outline of what they are:

  • Standard No modifications to stats or scaling
  • Keen reduces the STR scaling of a weapon and reduces its physical base damage, however it increases its DEX scaling
  • Quality: Reduces physical damage significantly, but gives a balanced boost to the STR as well as DEX scaling.
  • Lightning The Lightning feature increases DEX scaling and also adds Lightning damage, but reduces the physical scaling of STR and base damage
  • Magic adds the Magic Damage and Int scaling, if the weapon does not have it already however it lowers both the STR and DEX scaling, as well as lowering the base physical damage
  • Holy: Adds Holy damage as well as FAI scaling, if the weapon does not already have it and lowers the base physical damage and negates damage for blocking
  • Heavy The Heavy weapon increases the the STR scaling. It also removes all other stat scalings that are present on the weapon, however it reduces the base physical damage
  • Fire adds fire damage and boosts scaling of STR, but reduces base physical damage and scales DEX
  • Flame Adds fire damage and FAI scaling if weapon does not already have it and reduces the scaling of all other statistics
  • Poison Enhances the STR and DEX and ARC scale, adding poison buildup in attacks
  • Cold increases the INT scaling and also adds frostbite to attacks, while reducing the scaling of all other stats
  • Blood Adds ARC the ability to scale, and also bleeding to attack However, it decreases scaling on other stats.
  • Occult: It adds ARC scaling, however it reduces scaling on other statistics

Elden Ring Whetblades

Usually you will find that an Ash of War you assign to a weapon will automatically bring the type of weapon that it is associated with it. However, when you are using particular Whetblades to equip your Whetstone Knife You can change the weapon’s affinity independently of the skill you choose to assign. For instance, if you used to apply the Poisonous Mist Ash of War to the weapon, it will transform into an Poison weapon. However, when you are using an Black Whetblade, you can switch it to Blood affinity, while being capable of using this Poisonous Mist skills.

There are five additional Whetblades each of which allows users to switch to specific affinity types:

  • Iron Whetblade lets you to use Quality or Keen affinity
  • Glintstone Whetblade allows you to use Magic or Cold affinity
  • Red-Hot Whetblade allows you to use Fire or Flame affinities
  • The Black Whetblade It allows you to use Poison or Blood Occult affinity
  • The Sanctified Whetblade lets you to use Lightning or Sacred Affinities

For the record, Ashes of War are entirely free to use regardless of whether you apply them through an Site of Grace or with Hewg. They aren’t a cost to use. Runes or other materials to apply them, and if you’re not happy with the effects they have on your weapon, you are able to return to either Site of Grace or Hewg and get them removed at no cost, reverting the weapon back to its original status. Note that you are able to just apply the Ash of War on one weapon at the same time. (Ashes of War in Elden Ring)

If, for instance, you used to the Ash of War for Mighty Shot on one weapon, you’ll need to detach it from that weapon to use it on another weapon regardless of whether you tweaked the affinity by using the help of a Whetblade. If you’re looking to apply the same ability for two guns, you’ll require an exact duplicate from this Ash of War. You’ll be able to find numerous instances of the same Ash of War in the world. If you’d like, you could make use of Lost Ashes to create additional duplicates of the identical Ash by speaking to Hewg.

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