How to unlock The Iridescent Katana in Hitman 3

Iridescent Katana: Iridescent Katana is a weapon which is added in Hitman 3 as part of the Year Two July schedule of content. It’s a dazzling weapon that targets will be able to be able to see from a distance of a mile. However it’s all falling to the sword in the event that Agent 47 is involved. This guide will show you how to gain access The Iridescent Katana in Hitman 3 and enhance the flavor of your killings.

How do you get The Iridescent Katana in Hitman 3?

Iridescent Katana Iridescent Katana is a reward when you complete one or all of the Elusive Target Arcade missions that were added to Hitman 3 during July 2022. The missions are comprised of up to five Elusive Targets that are scattered throughout The Hitman Reboot Trilogy, so you might come to targets from every game in a single mission. It is necessary to kill each target at least once until the mission is complete. After that, you’ll be awarded with the shimmering Katana at the end of the last Elusive Target you defeat.

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How to equip the Iridescent Katana

Iridescent Katana in Hitman 3

Agent 47 can be equipped Agent 47 The Iridescent Katana in the same manner as you would with any other weapon. When you’re on your loadout screen for your mission, choose the Planning option, then go into The Gear slots. It is possible to equip The Iridescent Katana in one of these slots, however it’s such a obvious weapon that you’ll need to conceal it. It’s much easier to sneak it into a hidden item’s location, and then get it after you’ve mastered the mask you desire and are prepared to kill your target. Of of course there is the option to walk into the area with a weapon and eliminate any NPC visible is always in the bag however it’s not that discreet.

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