How to Unlock Palace in a Pool Domain in Genshin Impact

Watatsumi Island and Seirai Island. Watatsumi Island is the home of a brand new domain which means that if you’re hoping to download some free Primogems as well as other things, you’re probably thinking about how to get it. Don’t worry, we’ve been there for you as usual. With this tutorial, we’ll help you unlock the Palace in Genshin Impact’s Pool Domain. Pool Domain in Genshin Impact. We’ll also provide details of all the rewards that you earn on the first attempt to complete.

The Palace in a Pool Domain is located in the Suigetsu Pool location on Watatsumi Island in Inazuma. There’s a waypoint close by however, you could also travel there using the Waverider starting from Fort Mumei if you haven’t already picked it up.

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Let’s start by discussing ways to open the Palace within the Pool Domain in Genshin Impact.

How to Unlock Palace in a Pool Domain in Genshin Impact

For unlocking access to the Palace within the pool Domain within Genshin Impact Follow these steps:

  • Travel to the Palace in a Pool Domain at Suigetsu Pool
  • Engage the Electrogranum close to the outer circle.
  • Make each one of four arrows towards the middle of the circle.
  • Invoke the mystical pillar
  • Make use of an Electro character in order to activate the four Electro Pillars
  • Drop into the water and then swim downstream the tunnel.
  • Three steps up and then engage the three mechanisms that will open the gate.
  • Go through the gate and climb up the wall to trigger the final mechanism.

Turning the Arrows using the Electrogranum

Go to the Palace with a Pool Domain, and stand on the ring which surrounds the water pool. Locate an adjacent Electrogranum and then turn the arrows to the left, towards the center of the circle. When energized by the Electrogranum it will draw the arrows, and cause them to move towards you if you’re close enough. You can also use Beidou’s elemental ability to make the arrows turn.

The arrows are all four that need to turn to the right. Because the Electrogranum is only a brief duration, you’ll likely have to take it out at least two or three times. There’s an Arrow next to the Electrogranum so make sure you grab the one you need. If not, it’ll continue to drift off-center when you pass through it. If all four arrows are turned towards the left and the seal around the Electro Pillars will break off.

Activating the Pillars

After that, you’ll be able to observe the seals around those Electro Pillars disappear. Find the Mysterious Pillar and activate it first. After that, you can utilize an Electro character such as Fischl in order to light the other Four Electro Pillars. When you have lit the last Pillar the pool’s water will be drained leaving the Palace within the form of a Pool Domain.

Activating the Mechanisms

Drop down into the well, then dive towards the massive tree root at the bottom of the tunnel. Ascend the tree and turn on the three mechanisms that are on the wall. A gate in the next area will be opened and within the gate, you’ll be able to see a relay stone over your head.

Go up the wall and you’ll find a final mechanism on at the top. You can activate it in order to reduce the amount of water and again, which will be enough to let the domain open completely. Press this lever and then go through the gate to gain return to the property.

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Congrats on opening the Palace in the Pool Domain in Genshin Impact. Also, you will receive an extra bonus for opening the new area!

Palace in a Pool (Tutelage: Umigozen’s Mansion) Rewards

The Palace in a Pool Domain or Tutelage Umigozen’s Mansion It offers the following first-time complete reward:

  • 40 Primogems
  • 500 Adventure EXP
  • 5 Electro Sigils
  • 1 Entangling Bloom
  • 2 Guide to Transience
  • 3 Hero’s Wit
  • 5 Mystic Enhancement Ore
  • 30,000 Mora

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