How to Unlock More Ships in Lost Ark

A detailed guide of how to unlock more ships in Lost Ark!

Lost Ark is one of the biggest maps that you could ever imagine. Actually there are actual continents you must find to advance through the games. This is why there are huge oceans that have to be explored and navigated to keep your journey going through Lost Ark. This is why having a vessel that can navigate the oceans of the high seas essential.

However, before you be a happy owner of any of the ships You must know how to unlock these ships. This is why we have all you must be aware of about unlocking the ships of Lost Ark.

How to Unlock More Ships in Lost Ark

The best part is that you’ll be in a position to unlock sailing by simply progressing through the Lost Ark’s story line. Once you have completed that “Set Sail” quest. It will instruct you on the basics of sailing, before providing you with the first vessel which is the Estoque.

The problem is “how can you get access to additional ship to unlock more ships Lost Ark?”

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There are eight ships available that you can access within Lost Ark. Each one has a different level of resistance and speed. Each ship has specific prerequisites to gain access to it.

In light of this the above, here are all ships that is Lost Ark and how to unlock them all:

  • White Wing Unlock it by finishing Anikka’s primary storyline.
  • Sturmbrecher Unlock by finishing North Vern’s primary storyline.
  • Eurus Unlock it as a reward for achieving the level of reputation 3 by completing the “Ride like the Wind” daily challenge.
  • Brahms Unlock it as a reward for achieving a reputation level of 4 during the “Lopang Island” daily challenge.
  • Tragon Unlock it as a reward for achieving the level of reputation 4 “Hypno’s Eyes” daily tasks. However, you must complete the quest to earn the roster in Aiwana Island.
  • Astray The ship is crafted by Blackfang’s Den by the NPC known as “Belrod”. The NPC will let you know about the items you require.
  • Eibern’s Wound Unlock as a reward for achieving an amount of reputation of three in the “Black night fog” daily mission.

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