How to unlock Crafting in Elden Ring

This is what you must complete to gain the access to unlock crafting in Elden Ring. Elden Ring

Crafting is a common element of numerous RPG games which is why Elden Ring is no exception. But, as an open-world RPG it is, you may wander off in a strange direction, and then not have any clue as to why the crafting option isn’t available on the main menu. This guide will provide a way to open crafting within Elden Ring if you find yourself in this position.

We know that some might think that this is a crazy idea. However, it’s completely possibility for people to embark on the Elden Ring adventures without really following the normal path. Here’s what you have to do for get crafting access in Elden Ring If you’re confused.

How to Unlock Crafting in the Elden Ring

To be able to craft to unlock crafting Elden Ring, you need to purchase the crafting Kit at The NPC Merchant Kale in the Church of Elleh. The crafting kit costs 300 Runes when you buy it the on-screen menu will appear to explain how crafting items work within Elden Ring.

How to unlock Crafting in Elden Ring

The Church of Elleh location is located on the map below and it’s located once you travel north from The First Step area. Merchant Kale is sitting next to a campfire at the spot which is why you shouldn’t overlook the man. Contact him, and then select from the Purchase menu and browse through his products.

You can also learn more techniques, such as making arrows by buying or finding books scattered across the globe. Most of the time, you can purchase these books from merchants and Merchant Kale also sells one of his own that you might like to purchase, particularly when you’re a bow-user.

Once you’ve got an crafting kit, navigate to the menu at the top and select to select the Item crafting option. In you can access the Item Crafting menu you can create a variety of objects that can be useful during your journey! This is all you should be aware of about crafting unlocks and how it functions within Elden Ring.

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