How to unlock cooking and how it works in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Cooking has become a common feature in a variety of open-world RPGs through the years, so it’s not a surprise to see it featured on the menu in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. As with similar games, the art of cooking is utilized to boost your character ability to fight and also increase the rewards you earn when you defeat enemies and monsters. Every meal you eat can provide different advantages Make sure to test as many dishes as you can.

How do you unlock cooking

The cook who is the main character of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is Manana. Manana cooks up food on your behalf and for your friends when you’re camping However, you must find the cooks. Manana and her cooking skills will immediately be available in part two in the game. Once you have reached The Fornis Region, you will be assigned towards Lake Rezzento. The camp is located there. Once you are near the camp there will be a cutscene in which you will meet Manana. In the aftermath of the cutscene you’ll be able to cook food at resting spots.

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How to cook in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

It is possible to cook certain meals while at a resting spot. If you visit an area for rest there will be an icon added to the menu which looks like the shape of a cooker. Choose the icon to open the menu for cooking.

The menu for cooking will provide every recipe you already know. It will begin with just knowing one recipe, Manana’s Battle Soup. As you progress, you will discover more recipes as you move in the adventure. To cook the food you’ll need ingredients from all over the globe. They can be obtained through defeating monsters, opening containers, or using Fabricators.

Press and hold the button A to prepare the chosen dish with the ingredients. If you don’t have the ingredients to make a dish You can press the Y button and spend Nopon Coins to prepare the food instead. Be sure to look over the effects of the meal on the upper right side of the screen to see the benefits you’ll get.

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