How to unlock All Badges in Apex Legends

Display your accomplishments and discover the secrets to unlock every badges in Apex Legends!

Apex Legends is definitely one of the most rich and thrilling free-to-play battle royales currently available. The reason why the game so enjoyable is the variety of achievements players can reach throughout the course of their Apex careers. Particularly, badges are unlocked and displayed as a banner to be displayed in the arena, or during sequences prior to matches.

This is all you should know about all of the badges that are available in Apex Legends and how to unlock them.

How to unlock All Badges in Apex Legends

In terms of badges in particular there are seven kinds that you can unlock: Credit Badges, Legend Badges, Club Badges, Ranked League Badges, Season Badges, Battle Pass Badges, and Game Mode Badges.

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But, some of these badges are only available at special occasions or during their specific seasons (such as Event Badges, Ranked League Badges, Season Badges, and Battle Pass Badges). We’ve decided not include these badges on this list and instead limit it to the ones available.

Without further delay this is how you can unlock all badges available in Apex Legends.

Account Badges

They can be given to any legendary character within the game after they are released.

  • Baller own 125 legendary items.
  • Banner Legend – Equip an item in every Banner slot on eight different legends.
  • Fashionista Get an iconic skin and a famous finisher for eight legends.
  • Completely Kitted Two fully kitted weapons at the time in a match.
  • Group theatrics – With a complete already-constructed squad, win one game in which every player is an opponent.
  • Game Theatrics for Group II With a complete prepared squad, you can win two games in which every player is able to execute an opponent.
  • High Energy Badge Tier 1 Tier 1 High Energy Badge.
  • High Energy Badge Tier 2 Tier 2. High Energy Badge.

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  • High Energy Badge Tier 3 Tier 3 High Energy Badge.
  • High Energy Badge Tier 4 4. High Energy Badge.
  • High Energy Badge Tier 5 5th of High Energy Badge.
  • Long Shot – Shoots down an opponent from a distance of more that 300 metres.
  • Master of All You can win 10 times or more using the help of eight legends.
  • There are no witnesses with a fully already-made squad, you can kill 15 players, and nobody whom your team kills will ever be revived or resurrected.
  • Pack Victory with a complete already-made squad, win the game.
  • Team. Work. II – With a already-made team Play a game in which every player is awarded three kills.
  • Team. Work. II. With a already-constructed team, take part in a game where every player scores five kills.
  • Team. Work. III. Using a prepared squad, you can play the game where every player scores seven kills.
  • Team. Work. IV. With a prepared squad Play a game in which each player is awarded 10 kills.
  • Warlord The HTML0 Warlord Get a legendary skin 15 weapons.
  • Well-Rounded – Inflicts 10,000 damage by using eight distinct legends.
  • The Win Streak I 2 wins in succession on Battle Royale.
  • win Streak II Three wins consecutively at Battle Royale.
  • The Win Streak III 4 wins consecutively during Battle Royale.
  • The Win Streak IV – Win five games consecutively during Battle Royale.
  • Respawn Entertainment Developer The only people who can wear this badge are Respawn Entertainment Staff and voice actors are able to wear this badge.
  • Origin Access – You are subscribed for Origin Access (PC exclusive).
  • EA Access – Affiliated to EA Access (PlayStation/Xbox exclusive).

Content Pack Badges

  • The Founder – Take ownership of the Founders Pack.
  • Feeding Frenzy Get the Starter Pack.
  • “Angelstruck” Get Lifeline Edition. Lifeline Edition.
  • Tormentor own this version of the Bloodhound Edition.
  • Venomous Own the Octane Edition.

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  • Lone Bot – Have it! Pathfinder Edition.
  • making Waves Get it! Gibraltar Edition.
  • Holo-Star Own Mirage Edition. Mirage Edition.
  • Striker Buy this edition! Bangalore Edition.
  • Quartermaster Andrade Have the Loba Edition.

Legend Badges

They can be earned in a separate way for each legend.

  • Assassin Play five games and get 5 or more killings.
  • Assassin II Play 15 games and get at least five kills.
  • Assassin III – Play 50 games, with at least five kills.
  • Assassin IV – Play 100 games and get 5 or more killings.
  • Apex Predator – You can win a game as the Kill Leader.
  • Deadeye Get the ultimate kill of the game.
  • Double Duty win the game in which it was you who were both the Kill Leader as well as the Champion.
  • The Flawless Victory win a game which sees that no player in the team dies in the game.
  • Awful Victory II – Win an game in which no one is knocked down in the game.
  • Headshot HotshotYou can win a game by shooting five headshots.
  • Hot Streak Hot Streak HTML0 Two wins consecutively as per it is the exact same story.
  • There’s No Left To Be Found Respawn both teammates in the same team.
  • Quick Elimination 4 enemies down in just 20 seconds.
  • Reinforcement Recall Kill someone within ten second after they land in a respawn drop vessel.
  • Shot Caller You can win an online game with the help of Jumpmaster.
  • Team Wipe Kill all three members an opponent’s squad.
  • “The Legacy Lives On” In this game, you can win a match that saw your entire team alive in the final.
  • Triple Triple Take out all three players of three teams during the same game.
  • (Legend)’s”Wake – – Kill at least 20 enemies in a single game.
  • (Legend)’s Wrath I – Inflict 2,000 damages in one game.
  • (Legend)’s Wrath II – Inflict 2,500 damages in one game.
  • (Legend)’s Wrath III – Inflict 3,000 damages in a single match.
  • (Legend)’s Wrath IV – Inflicts 4,000 injuries in one game.

Club Badges

  • The Club Player Play one game with all of your club mates.
  • Club Player II Play 25 games in a the entire team of club members.
  • Club Player III Enjoy 100 games with a all of your club mates.
  • The Club Victory You can win a game with your full team of club members.
  • Flawless Club 1. • Win a game with a full team with no player in the team is killed.
  • Awful Club 2 win a game with your entire club team that is undefeated. team is hurt.
  • Awful Club 3 Win a match with the full squad of your club with the entire team alive at the finish.

Game Mode Badges

  • Arenas Shutout- You can win the Arenas Game without losing a round.
  • Arenas Survivor- You can win the Arenas Game without getting downed or being killed.
  • Elite Streak Elite Streak Shows your all-time high Elite Top 5 streak from the Apex Elite Queue game mode.
  • Elite888 You must win at minimum 8 Apex Elite Queue matches using eight legends of different types, and minimum eight kills each game.

That’s it! This is how you can unlock all badges available in Apex Legends. If you’ve found this guide helpful, don’t forget to visit the Guides section for more detailed breakdowns of other gaming titles that are popular.

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