How to unblock Edge in Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope

Three new characters in Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope and the first you are able to get is Edge. Edge is unique because she’s an original Rabbid which isn’t based off the already existing Mario world character. Her influences are clearly derived out of that of the RPG world, since she fights with a huge sword that appears distinct from the rest of the weaponry that is ranged. Here’s how you can unlock her.

Where to find Edge Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope

As the first Party member Edge will be found on the first planet you’ll go to, Beacon Beach. The first goal is to look into the lighthouse after which the Spark will escape to a temple on an island nearby. Go there, and then go through the gate to access into the Temple Catacombs. The underground area is fairly easy to navigate, so just be sure to follow the waypoint until you reach your main room.

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This will start an ensuing two-part series. The first step is to make it to the safe zone in a normal fight, so go about it in the same way you would normally do by raising platforms as you progress. Then the cutscene begins that introduces the game’s primary boss known as known as the Giant Wildclaw. In the next moment, Edge will also jump into the fight and join the battle. Take on Edge to defeat the Giant Wildclaw, and Edge will join you for the rest of your life.

Edge’s weapons and unique abilities

Edge’s sword, known as the Flying Blade, is actually an arsenal weapon with a range. It causes damage once she throws it in the first place, and then when it is returned to her hands. It is able to hit multiple enemies if they line together This is a huge benefit when you’re in an entire group of people.

Her special power is Storm Blade, which works exactly like Mario or Luigi’s Hero Sight. If activated, she’ll launch an explosive attack on anyone within her zone of. It’s less effective in terms of effect area as Hero Sight, but it’s nonetheless a powerful power.

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