How to Spoof Pokemon Go on iPhone (2022)

Today, a lot of Apps and games for the iPhone require GPS to be activated in order to function properly. However, some users may not be comfortable sharing their current location due to security reasons. Additionally, nobody wants to travel far to go out and collect Pokemon in a specific GPS-based location. So, lets find how to spoof pokemon go..

In these scenarios it is possible to make up your iPhone Spoof and let it appear that the Pokemon Go algorithm fool you that you’re actually in the right location. There are many techniques and tools that can be used to do to accomplish this. We are going to share the most effective method, UltFone iOS Location Changer to make a spoof Pokemon Go on iPhone with anyone who can benefit from it.

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Part 1: What Is the Pokemon Go Spoofing on iPhone

Pokemon Go spoofing is all about shifting your present location and not making a move. Spoofing is the process of fooling the system and evading the geographical limitations by changing your IP address so that it is convinced that you are situated not in your real address but rather on the fake.

For it to be even easier to comprehend consider the case that comes with VPN. VPN service. They will provide you with an IP address that is unique to an alternative region. As a result, your GPS coordinates are changed, as well as your location gets faked.

In this way, you won’t simply move around in your virtual realm in Pokemon Go. Additionally, you can accumulate unlimited Pokemon when playing the game as well as use other websites and apps that are banned within your area.

Part 2: Why We Spoof or Trick Pokemon Use GPS to locate our iPhone?

When playing Pokemon Go, you must gather pokemon that are placed in different places. Sometimes, you may have to travel far in order to gather the legendary and powerful Pokemon to keep playing the game.

In this scenario you may want to know how you can enjoy Pokemon Go without moving. This Pokemon Go spoofing eliminates this issue and deceives users of Pokemon Go system by making it believe that you’re at the location you want to be. This means that you don’t only catch the Pokemon but you can also stroll through this virtual realm of Pokemon Go.

There are many methods of spoofing your location on iPhone. Some are safe, and others require lengthy procedures to follow, which take up lots of time.

Part 3: Is UltFone iOS Location Changer a Best Alternative in Pokemon Go Spoofing on the iPhone?

UltFone iOS Location Changer provides a trusted tool to alter your current location within the world that is Pokemon Go. By using this UltFone iOS Location Changer it is not necessary to perform a complicated and long-winded process, it’s a matter of a few clicks to alter your current location.

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It’s easy to understand and makes it easy to go through the process and successfully complete the fake procedure in no time. UltFone iOS location changer allows you to alter your GPS location quickly and effectively. It’s also a safe and secure way to change your location when you play Pokemon Go on your iPhone.

Location Spoofing with no JailBreaking

There are numerous methods and tools to fake locations on an iPhone Some of these require jailbreaking your iPhone. But the case with UltFone iOS Location Changer, the spoofing of your location doesn’t need to jailbreak your iPhone. It’s simply simple to perform a few clicks to disguise your location on iPhone.

Set Coordinate and Natural Simulation

Search using the coordinates and then select the exact location. The drop-down menu will provide more results for your search. You can alter the speed of travel from 3.6km/h-72km/h to simulate cycling, walking or driving speed. You can stop at any moment in the course of the simulation to make it more natural.

Supports Latest iPhone

It’s a modern and current software that is compatible with all the latest iPhones including iPhone 13 Mini/13/13 Pro and 13 Pro Max that runs the latest iOS versions.

Part 4: How to Spoof Pokemon Go iPhone via UltFone iOS Location Changer

It’s an easy and effective procedure to fool the Pokemon Go location on iPhone with the help of UltFone iOS Location changer. Below are the steps which will explain the procedure for you.

  1. Launch the program after the installation. This program’s interface default is GPS switch. Click the Disclaimer box and then click the Enter button to proceed.
  2. Select an iDevice that you want to be connected on the following screen.
  3. Choose an area on the map by using your mouse or type in the address in the search bar at the top left. Then, click”Start Modifying” and then click the “Start and Modify” option.

Part 5: More Features to let UltFone iOS Location Changer Become the Ultimate Choice

  • One click to change the GPS location to anyplace.
  • Use apps that are based on location like Pokemon Go, WhatsApp and Facebook and more.
  • Include GPX files to initiate your preferred routes.
  • Move your body with an easy-to-use joystick.

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Part 6: Is It Safe for Pokemon Go GPS Spoofing?

The most straightforward and simple answer is yes, it’s completely safe to fake your location on iPhone with the UltFone iOS Location changer. This won’t harm your account’s credibility , and is completely safe and reliable.

In reality, many people deliberately disguise their iPhones’ location to make it appear safeas it obscures the true GPS location. However the spoofing of location on iPhones will fool all other apps that use location, like Google Maps, Weather apps, Snapchat, etc.

Location-based apps will utilize the spoofed GPS coordinates. You’ll need to input your real GPS coordinates to allow other apps connect to your location. It’s the same as using a VPN which gives your iPhone an identity that is unique by assigning an IP address to another region.


The Internet is filled with techniques and tools to spoof your Pokemon Go location. However UltFone is the most reliable. UltFone iOS place changer app is the most reliable in comparison to the others because it comes with a user-friendly interface and a faster procedure, and is a safe and secure method to spoof Pokemon on the iPhone! Download it now to give it the chance to test it.

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