How to Search Mayor Weeks Basement in Weird West

Here’s how you can find Mayor Weeks basement for evidence of corruption.

In for the Bounty Hunter Adventure quest within Weird West, Jane is trying to find out more information about her husband who disappeared Alonso. Mayor Weeks over at Galen’s Crossing claims to have some information, but he’s looking for a deed from Brush Creek Farm to get the details. The truth is, Mayor Weeks is a fraud, according to the gossip at the farm. Here’s how you look through Mayor Weeks’ Basement for evidence of corruption in Weird West to complete the optional task.

Where is Mayor Weeks Basement in Weird West

Mayor Weeks’ basement is accessible via an entryway in the northwest part of the Galen’s Crossing compound. The northwest room of the building is home to several bookshelves and an entrance trap door. The room can be accessed by climbing through the window in order to avoid getting trapped. Be aware, it’s a trespassing zone which means you must ensure that nobody is watching you. If you don’t, you could be forced to stay all night locked up and pay a tiny penalty.

If you are the first to arrive at Galen’s Crossing, the guard in front might start yelling at you to present some documents. You can present an untrue document to fool the guard or jump on the cliffs left and climb up the wall. This is a simple method by stepping to the left side of the entrance and ascend the red rocks.

Go through the trapdoor to find Marion Keen in the cell. According to the report, Stillwaters captured him and then sold the man to Weeks who now claims that the man who was a victim of his own will be Weeks’ “plaything.” This is a terrifying thought. It is possible to learn more regarding your lost husband simply by talking to the man and he’ll let you know what he knows about.

You’ll discover Alonso is in custody at Quickbend in the Ridgeback Wilds. You’ll need to contact Essex Mast to find him.

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