How to Score Flair Shots in FIFA 23

Learn Score Flair Shots: FIFA 23 is centered around playing high-energy football and bringing the crowd with the ball as you race to score. This means that sometimes it’s more enjoyable to play a flashy move with the ball, instead of simply putting it on an area that isn’t in. Since entertainment is the king of this new time of sports. This is why shooting with flair comes into play.

In this article we will look at how to score shots that are fun within FIFA 23.

How to Score Flair Shots in FIFA 23

According to FIFA 23, a flair shot is described as a flashy , powerful shot that a player performs on the goal. The kind of flair shot that your player takes will depend on the placement that the ball is (on either the ground or the sky). Whatever the case, this shot is about strength and elegance to score a score against the opposition.

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The FIFA franchise is not new to tricks or moves. They offer the most effective ways to get advantage over your opponent and take momentum out of the game. While many different shots can prove useful in certain circumstances, they are isn’t a single shot that is easy to master particularly the shooting with flair.

To score a flair shot on FIFA 23, you will be required to

  • Press the keys LT + B (for Xbox) or L2 + Circle (for PlayStation) when you want to shoot the ball.

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