How to recruit Ashera as a hero in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Recruit Ashera as a hero: You will meet many characters along your journey through Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Although you may begin with six characters, you’ll soon find heroes to fill the seventh position in your party. Ashera is one of these heroes. Ashera plays the role as the Lone Exile. This is a class of tough defenders who wield a double-ended sword. They are skilled at seducing enemies and increasing their aggro. You can attack them with fury once they are within range.

Where can I find Ashera in Xenoblade Chronicles3?

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The fourth chapter is the final chapter, and you won’t be capable of finding Ashera. You will then reach the Keves Castle area of the map. This is the Syra hovering reefs. Here you will find Ashera.

Instead of interfacing with the zipline, turn to the left when you enter the area. This will take you to a large gate with a bridge. This bridge will take you to Colony 11. This bridge leads to Colony 11. Ashera will be visible when you cross the bridge.

How to recruit Ashera

recruit Ashera as a hero in Xenoblade chronicles 3

After a short cutscene, Ashera will introduce you to you and you will receive the Wrath of Ashera hero mission. You will be fighting quite a few enemies during this quest, so be ready. Ashera will join you until the end of the quest.

After you defeat Moebius, the quest will be completed. Like the heroes you’ve already unlocked, you can equip Ashera from the hero menu. Eunie will be the inheritor and you can unlock the Lone Exile Class.

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