How to play Switchblade on Rogue Company – Tips, Tactics, and tricks

Switchblade is the brand new Rogue Company breacher Switchblade is more like an Swiss Army knife. Contrary to other Rogue Company operators, Switchblade isn’t an all-purpose pony. it can be utilized in a variety of ways based on your style of play and your team’s requirements. Switchblade’s forte playing passively as she isn’t a defensive player and shouldn’t be used as an example of this. This guide will guide you through the information you need concerning using Switchblade within Rogue Company.


Rogue Company players should appreciate the fact that Switchblade offers a wide assortment of weapons, objects and perks available she can use. Switchblade can use Flashbangs as well as the fun, but risky Bounce Grenade. The sidearm she uses includes an Spitfire micro SMG and her preferred combat weapon of choice will be The Baseball Bat, which complements the Harley Quinn inspired aesthetic.

Switchblade’s primary weapon is or its MLX Mark 4, a scoped assault rifle which works well at all ranges, or the 24-S SMG which has previously been restricted to Lancer. Both are excellent and support distinct play styles. If you enjoy playing close to your opponent (which coincides with the Switchblade’s function as a breacherit is recommended to use the 24S. It’s an effective weapon in base, so you shouldn’t spend money on upgrading it.

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Instead, you should spend your money on throwables and other perks. In contrast it’s the MLX Mark 4 benefits a number of enhancements, and allows you to stay more relaxed when making use of it, so don’t be afraid to invest in it. However, if your team is comprised of more than one Long-Range user then you’re better off for the 24S as every other component of the Switchblade kit has the ability to move close-quarters, close-in approach.

Switchblade also comes with a flexible range of benefits available to her, such as various defensive bonuses that can allow an aggressive style of play.

  • Beserker: You can recharge while you sprint.
  • Toughen Up: You suffer 30 percent less damage from melee attack.
  • Bounce Back: Your health improvement begins much earlier.
  • Tenacity: You suffer less the damage caused by explosives.
  • Life Drain: destroying an opponent quickly can restore a significant quantity of energy.
  • Replenish: knocking down an opponent will reload your weapon and replenish ammo.


Switchblade’s passive skill that she has passively Rogue Company is Fight and Flight Switchblade can get an instant burst of speed whenever she uses gadgets or abilities. As she is able to have 3 throwables (not counting the gadgets she can pick up off the ground) Switchblade shouldn’t have any difficulty navigating her Rogue Company maps quickly.

Her primary capability includes that of the Chaos Launcher: a single-use weapon that launches an explosive weapon. When it explodes the projectile, it is able to cover a vast area with burning liquidthat stays at the bottom for a time it deals around four times the amount of damage per tic than a normal Incendiary Grenade. The pools of burning are placed in a straight line that is that is parallel to the direction that Switchblade faces when shooting. they are extended over and through the cover. That means that should the first projectile hit the cover material and the fire is triggered, it is likely to begin burning the players who are behind it.

Chaos Launcher is a devastating power which can flush enemies out of the cover, and keep them out or even completely destroy them and kill them with one shot. Be aware that Scorch is not affected by the effect of damage-over-time from Chaos Launcher however not in the first blast. Everyone is not completely safe from Switchblade.


At the time of release, Switchblade is a straight upgrade from Dima in the sense that she can do exactly what Dima did within Rogue Company, and she does it slightly better. Its Chaos Launcher is an incredibly superior MIRV launcher and Switchblade’s mobility can be better than Dima’s burned passive skill.

How to play Switchblade on Rogue Company

To further exacerbate the imbalance, designer Hi-Rez Studios actually replaced Dima’s Nimble Hands perk with Stalker This isn’t the most useful modification. Dima could be able to catch up in the future patches, but no matter the outcome, our initial advice for Switchblade players is to prepare for nerfs and avoid tying yourself to any component of her current set. Her tuning is clearly over-tuned upon release, and it is likely that she will be altered.

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Thanks to the Fight and Flight active and with the Berserker bonus (which is not expensive and must be bought during every game), Switchblade is a extremely mobile Rogue who is always searching for new angles to attack from. There’s rarely a reason to engage someone who is able to discern your presence.

Although it is true that the Chaos Launcher does work well for zoning, it is best to strike directly at unaware opponents using it to benefit from its early damage and the absence of a detonation fuse. Switchblade comes with an increase in speed to help you speed up your attack which is why you must utilize it frequently and flank regularly.

Strategies and advice

As powerful and powerful as Chaos Launcher is, Switchblade players should be aware of the fact that Active Protection Systems neutralize it completely. With the rise of Rogues such as Mack along with the recent upgraded Trench, Active Protection Systems are becoming more of a frequent feature within Rogue Company. To ensure that your Chaos Launcher projectile is actually hitting home, be sure to find and eliminate any APS units deployed within the field before you shoot or locate targets to aim at which isn’t within the area of an Active Protection System. Because of the Switchblade’s mobility this shouldn’t be too difficult.

When it comes to loadout options There’s nothing to lose because all the information Switchblade can access is extremely useful. She is among the only Rogue Company operators who can utilize the Replenish as well as Life Drain combo, and If you prefer using the 24S or playing vigorously, having both of those benefits is essential.

In addition, you must purchase each of your throwables earlier to gain from the speed boost more often. With a Bounce base Grenade and an modernized Flashbang, Switchblade can get up to four times Fight and Flight. Fight and Flight speed buff per round that’s enough to go in circles around the opponent.

In the end, we strongly suggest purchasing the Tenacity perk even if your opposition team doesn’t have many Rogues equipped with explosives. This will protect you from your own capabilities and throwables, particularly those with the Bounce Grenade, which could be dangerous.

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