How to play Newcastle in Apex Legends – best tips and strategies

Newcastle is here to Apex Legends Season 13: Saviors. With the introduction of this new character defensive players will have to play games differently as they would when playing a character such as Octane and Wraith. Here are some helpful tips and tricks to consider when you play Newcastle within Apex Legends.

Strategies and tips for Newcastle in Apex Legends

Newcastle is in essence is a Tank character who should have you focused on your team’s protection in stressful situations. Newcastle isn’t a solo individual, and you need a team which is usually cohesive. If you can deploy your shields in the right moment, you’ll give your team a better chance of winning battles against adversaries.

When to use Newcastle’s abilities

Newcastle’s tactical ability is Mobile Shield that gives Newcastle a shield that moves and includes two health pools for the upper and lower parts that make up the shield. This ability is best used every time the team and you face the enemy. The size of the shield isn’t a lot but if you are able to put your team members together behind it, you’re providing all players a greater amount of protection. It being the only moving protection within Apex Legends alone makes Newcastle an excellent choice for your team.

In terms of his Ultimate, Castle Wall will make him jump to the specified area and set in place an electric wall of fortification that can harm anyone on the other side of it, who come too close.

Newcastle’s passive abilities allow Newcastle to pull and revive teammates who have fallen while also putting the Knockdown Shield to protect both individuals. This is why it’s probably an excellent idea to ensure that Newcastle be the Newcastle members of your team get first access to the most effective Knockdown Shields you come across.

Newcastle strategies

As stated, Newcastle wants to stay near to his team. If you’ve got your Ultimate prepared, be within 35m of the players at all at all times. If you crash into someone in the process of deploying your Castle Wall, you will hit them in the back and prepare your team to strike the enemy hard.

Don’t be scared to utilize Mobile Shield to close the distance between you and the enemy But keep in mind that they may take you back and damage either part of the shield with ease when multiple people shoot at it.

How to play Newcastle in Apex Legends

While Newcastle is the team’s first choice for reviving wounded teammates during battle, you’ll want to keep it out of the context of fighting. When you are recovering, Newcastle makes a lot of noise, and you may accidentally attract another team to your spot when you’re recovering.

Additionally, if you’ve got an ineffective Knockdown Shield, you should think twice before you go into the area and attempt to revive the colleague. If you cannot pull them back behind the cover, you’re leaving yourself open to be smacked with a heavy blow.

In the end, although Newcastle’s Mobile Shield and Castle Wall are both strong defense, both have one major weakness. They are easily snatched up by flankers and beaten, so don’t get too comfortable watching one spot and let your team be struck with a sneaky Wraith or any third-party team. Be on the lookout for Mad Maggie, Bangalore, or Gibraltar Ultimates.

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