How to open the triangular key door in MADiSON

Triangular key door in MADiSON: When you first begin MADiSON the first time, you’re tasked to leave the small space. After that you’ll find yourself in a narrow corridor that leads to other areas of the home. The hallway itself is dull, a distinctive door is visible close to the point the entrance point. The door has two locks with triangles on their sides. This is not the usual type of lock you’ll see in a typical home however, it is a necessity to open in order to tell the whole story.

First key location

triangular key door in MADiSON

Two keys you must find to unlock the door. The first one is available pretty at the beginning of the game. Before you get that first key you must to get to the house of your grandpa’s through the study.

When you arrive at the grandpa’s home, you should head to the kitchen. You’ll be in close proximity to it , if you’ve only entered the house. You will find the first key in the corner cabinet at the bottom as shown in the picture above.

Second important location

triangular key door in MADiSON

The second key isn’t going to be found for a while. Before you find it, you’ll have to complete the attic section of the game as well as the cathedral part. After you’ve completed both portions that make up the game make your way down to the basement to get the crowbar. Use the crowbar to retrieve the wedding ring off the floorboard of grandpa’s bedroom closet.

Continue to play until the tiny room that you initially purchased the instant camera. In this stage of the game, you will find the four Virgin Mary statues in the room that surrounds the chair. The second key in the triangle is located on the chair from which you took the camera. With both keys in possession, you’ll be able to through the door you’ve been waiting for to open.

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