How to Mark Survivors as The Ghost Face in Dead by Daylight

It is said that the Ghost Face is one of the numerous Killers that you can play such as Dead by Daylight. You might want to play this Killer to take on a specific group of Survivors. As with many Killers like The Ghost Face has a variety of unique abilities that differentiate them from others. And one of these abilities makes it that Ghost Face can identify the imminent victims. Here’s everything you need to be aware of to mark Survivors as the Ghost Face in Dead by Daylight.

How Ghost Face’s marking functions to create Dead by Daylight

It all boils down to making use of Ghost Face’s main capabilities. Ghost Face is a character with a unique power known as Night Shroud. Ghost Face has access to this power with a complete power gauge. When the ability is active it is undetectable. making it impossible for survivors to track their presence. When in this state they can be seen as a Ghost Face can Stalk a Survivor which allows the Mark to be spotted on the Survivor. When the Survivor is marked by the Ghost Face, they’ll have the status of Exposed for a short period of time.

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You’ll be able to tell if you’re marked as a Survivor by the glowing aura that surrounds them when you use your Night Shroud ability. A Survivor is completely marked when the aura surrounding them turns red and you’ll be able to see a notification that says Marked on the right-hand side of your screen. When the Survivor is marked with The Exposed status effect and Killers do not. Killer can knock them down using a single basic strike instead of requiring you to make two strikes.

Mark Survivors as The Ghost Face in Dead by Daylight

There are things you can use to equip The Ghost Face to decrease the time required to Mark an object. For instance, you might be required to mark Survivors to finish a challenge however, doing this helps you beat the numerous Survivors you’ll need to defeat to win an experiment.

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