How to make your own robot in Genshin Impact (Core of the Apparatus event)

Genshin Impact’s anachronistic style is what I love the most. Genshin managed to create a world full of swords and sorcery, yet it feels plausible that it could contain automatons. How would you like to own an automaton? This is how you can make your robot at Genshin Impact Core of the Apparatus.

How to make your own robot in Genshin Impact

A Fontaine toy maker has asked for your help. If you have the right materials, he has a fancy gadget that can make little robot toys. You can offer him a few samples, but you will need to complete a chore list before he makes them.

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Three things are required to make a robot:

  • Collect materials
  • Charge with Elements
  • Activate your core

Collect Materials

You’ll first need to gather some junk you can throw into the machine. The machine will tell you what you need, but it will usually list ores, fruits and flowers as well as other items. For the event, make sure you have the Material Collector gadget.

Charge with Elements

The next step is to charge the device using specific elements. The Material Collector will ask you for specific elements, such as Hydro, Pyro or Geo. You will then need to charge the device with those elements. This can be done with environmental interactions or abilities.

Activate the Core

It’s now time to charge the device. To obtain Core Propulsion, you must equip the Material Collector. This will take a few attempts to gain enough power.

After you have completed all three steps, you can go to the Product Creation menu and click the craft button. A Redemption Voucher will be sent to you, which can be used to purchase one robot. These robots can be used as decorations in your Selenite Pot.

There are many options for robots, with different animations and colors. The voucher that you receive from the machine running is random and you can only have four. You can trade your vouchers with other players if you’re interested in a specific robot.

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You will receive the rewards of the event regardless of the robot you choose. These rewards include:

  • Primogems
  • Mystic Enhancement Oil
  • Mora
  • Weapon Ascencion Materials
  • Character EXP Materials

A cute robot to live in your home and lots of useful resources are included! It’s really a win-win scenario.

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