How to make the Hackett Family survive in The Quarry

The Quarry concentrates on nine camp counselors. However, it is also the case that the Hackett family is also a significant factor in the happenings that take place in the course of play. Keeping the family alive isn’t recommended, since the achievements/trophies for getting everyone out safely or letting them all die only include the counselors. However, you may be thinking about what the story of branching will look like in the event that you want to keep the Hacketts alive. Here’s how to make the Hackett Family survive. It is important to note that it will require the death of a couple of counselors and there are spoilers to be aware of.

How to make the Hackett Family survive in The Quarry


Unfortunately, Kaylee Hackett cannot be saved. Laura is shot off screen at the close of Chapter 5 regardless of. It is a crucial aspect of the plot can’t be changed. It is good to know that you are able to save her entire family.

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How to make the Hackett Family survive in The Quarry

There’s a crucial time to save Constance in the beginning in Chapter 9. Constance will attempt to take the gun from Laura as you leave the cellar. If you succeed, you’ll end with blowing half of her head . If you intentionally do not succeed in this short time trial you’ll be spared. Follow the instructions to the rest of the household to ensure she stays this way.


Later on in Chapter 9 Laura will be fighting Jedidiah when she begins to turn (Constance will also appear in the room, if she’s alive). Make the decision to run rather than fighting Jedidiah as the game prompts you to choose. This saves him and the player will be alive if you comply with the other steps.

Chris, Bobby, and Travis

How to make the Hackett Family survive in The Quarry

The trio is put together due to the fact that in order for the remaining three (plus Constance and Jedidiah) to survive, Chris actually has to be killed. If Chris is Chris is in control of Ryan in Chapter 9 you should leave the knife at his left hand. Bobby will eventually take out the knife himself, and utilize it to defeat werewolf Chris at the close Chapter 9. At this moment, Ryan will have a option of whom to shoot. It is Chris.

It’s just Travis. If you shoot him accidentally in the prison escape Then he’ll stabbing Laura to death and try to slash Ryan. If you would like to keep everyone alive Let him kill Ryan as well. If he doesn’t take out Laura The pair will pair together with Ryan to fight the final battle. Make sure you take out Silas whenever you are asked or else he’ll shoot the entire group.

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Caleb is the werewolf Kaitlyn is fighting in her lodge. Keeping him alive is not letting him take your life. Pick to select the “wait” option whenever he bursts through the chimney, and don’t shoot when he is approaching. This can lead to bad outcomes However, now you’re aware of the best way stay (most all of) all of the Hackett family members alive.

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